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debit (something) against (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses against the corporate account.
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debit (something) to (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses to the corporate account.
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debit (something) with (something)

To spend money from a particular account. You can just debit the corporate account with any travel expenses.
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debit something against someone or something

to record a charge for something against someone's account or against a particular category of an account. I will have to debit this against your account. The clerk debited the charge against you.
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debit something to someone or something

to make a charge for something to someone or something. To whose account can we debit this charge? Let's debit it to Jane.
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debit something with something

to charge something for something. They debited Fred's account with the whole expense. The bank debited my checking account with the cost of the new checks.
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All banks and building societies are bound by the direct debit guarantee.
First of all, it's great that you set up a direct debit to clear your credit card balance every month, partly because it means that you should never have any interest to pay and partly because it means that you never have to send yourself reminders and potentially forget to make payments.
Unlike credit cards, which allow for short-term borrowing by the customer from the issuing bank, these bank-issued debit cards draw funds directly from the bank account linked to the card.
Bacs calculates that you can save pounds 230 a year by paying all your utility bills by direct debit.
Hefin and Marian Williams and their daughter Gwen Thomas, 48, were shocked someone had managed to set up the fake direct debits without their permission.
When the beneficiary is an affiliate, the resource provider debits an equity transaction such as interest/investment in affiliate and credits an asset or payable.
On some of your major bills shown in our table below, you can save over pounds 180 a year paying by direct debit.
Concerns that caps on securities-related overdrafts might disrupt the government securities market led the Federal Reserve to apply net debit caps at the outset to only the portion of daylight overdrafts not related to transfers of securities through Fedwire.
Some debit cards are designed to work only with a PIN, others can be used with either a PIN or a signature.
The Commission and the ECB stress the potential advantages of the direct debit scheme, in terms of economies of scale and increased competition liable to drive efficiency and innovation in the area of payments to the benefit of European consumers and companies.
Each time a debit card transaction is made, the store incurs a charge.
For example, a company can choose to block all ACH debits to its accounts, and LaSalle will automatically return any received ACH debit as unauthorized.
An astonishing 81 per cent of gym members who no longer use the gym continued paying for two months or more, and 77 per cent of people kept direct debits for magazines going for two months after they no longer wanted the mag.
In looking at Lemon's inelegant scheme from an accounting perspective, one can see that she had her choice of three techniques to cover her tracks: false debits, omitted credits or forced balances.
The final rule provides guidance on Regulation E coverage of electronic check conversion transactions and computer-initiated bill payments; authorization of recurring debits from a consumer's account; telephone-initiated transfer; and other issues.