debit to

debit (something) to (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses to the corporate account.
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debit something to someone or something

to make a charge for something to someone or something. To whose account can we debit this charge? Let's debit it to Jane.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2019-ClearCourse Partnership Acquires Clear Direct Debit to Broaden Processing Capabilities
24 January 2019 - UK-based ClearCourse Partnership LLP, an acquisition company providing membership software, has acquired UK-based membership market-focussed direct debit services provider Clear Direct Debit to build payments platform, the company said.
First of all, it's great that you set up a direct debit to clear your credit card balance every month, partly because it means that you should never have any interest to pay and partly because it means that you never have to send yourself reminders and potentially forget to make payments.
I'm told that when a credit card holder has a direct debit set up to pay their credit card balance, it's standard across the industry for the direct debit to start to claim between two and seven days before the due date (depending on the provider).
Houston, TX, April 24, 2014 --( Community Resource Credit Union of Baytown, Texas, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Dolphin Debit to take ownership of its ATM fleet.
It then considers whether the new structure of incentives may steer banks toward encouraging their customers to shift from one payment method to another: either from signature debit to PIN, or vice versa, or from debit cards to other payment methods.
'I'll be encouraging members to go Direct Debit to protect the financial security of the NSWNA.'
And if you choose direct debit to pay for other expenses - such as digital TV and broadband, plus magazine subscriptions - then the savings can be even greater.
Cabinet member Clr Paul Battye said: "Over 76,000 Kirklees council tax payers already use direct debit to pay their council tax bills because it is easy, convenient and has no risk.
A less obvious move would have been for Lemon to charge the false debit to an expense account, which is written off every year.
For example, if the transaction solely involves an extension of credit, and does not include a debit to a checking account (or other consumer asset account), the liability limitations and error resolution requirements of Regulation Z apply.
The taxpayer's funds can then be transferred via ACH Debit to the fraudulent IRS accounts, which the Service refunds as an overpayment.
Given these factors, you might expect debit to be more popular in the grocery industry than credit, yet the reverse is true.
Houston, TX, April 10, 2014 --( Commercial Bank of Texas, a community bank eager to expand in the north Texas market, is leveraging high-traffic ATM facilities secured by Dolphin Debit to aid its expansion, Dolphin Debit announced today.
The resource provider records the first three circumstances as a debit to refundable advance and a credit to an asset or payable; the recipient organization records them as a debit to an asset and a credit to refundable advance.