debit against

debit (something) against (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses against the corporate account.
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debit something against someone or something

to record a charge for something against someone's account or against a particular category of an account. I will have to debit this against your account. The clerk debited the charge against you.
See also: debit
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March 1885 Use of the "Reserve" to record debit against credit of "Boris Freres" in the amount of $ 7,200,000.
Likewise, in May, there was a debit against "Balance" in the same previous amount of the entry in April, which was the accounting procedure used for setting up the assets of the new financial year and the same technique was systematically performed until April 1881.
The bank processes the file through the Federal Reserve System and posts the ACH debit against the designated account.
For specialists, capitation often implies the use of discounted fee schedules as a method by which the physician will "draw" a fee for services rendered that will eventually show as a debit against the overall capitation payment for that specialty.