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debate on (something)

To discuss a topic at length. If they're debating on their different political views, this could go on all night.
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debate on something

to hold a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject. We can debate on this all night if you think we will settle anything in the end. Are they still debating on the question?
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 (with someone) about something
1. to enter into a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject with someone. Our team debated with the other team about the chances for world peace. The candidates debate about taxes tomorrow. We will debate with them about health care.
2. . Fig. to argue with someone about something. I do not intend to debate with you about that matter. Tom did not agree to debate about it.
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Project Debater is powered in part by Watson, including Watson's Speech to Text API.
The future goal for Project Debater is to make it an unbiased machine and help companies make unbiased decisions.
Yuan Ordenes is ranked 44th in Challenge Literature out of approximately 1,100 senior division contestants, out of whom Matthew Mercado is also ranked 67th best Champion Scholar, 46th best writer, and 129th Champion Debater and his team (Mercado, Pastoral, Blanco) is the 27th top debate team and 42nd top writing team as well.
"Traditional Policy Debate: Now More than Ever." Debater's Research Guide,
Teams comprised of two debaters, each argued through five rounds of preliminary debates and three elimination rounds.
Tuesday's meeting involves three different formats: questioning by moderator Bernard Ponsonby, cross–examination by the debaters themselves, and questions from the 350–member audience.
A judge does not benefit directly, in monetary terms, from a debater's arguments or from a debater's success later in the tournament.
Elinda Guri, a Socialist Party debater, said, "These debates are the end result of training to be constructive, build cases and refute arguments without being offensive.
UDLs deploy various media formats, such as Twitter, Facebook, and movies about debate such as The Great Debater starring Denzel Washington, to help attract new members into the UDL community.
I also assign a formal paper to be completed independently by each student debater. This is to ensure that before students square-off in front of the classroom they have clarified their reasoning and are prepared to explain how each of their main points proves their thesis.
In this book for beginners as well as more advanced debaters, veteran debater and debate judge Harvey-Smith shows how to develop debating skills within the Worlds style of competitive debate (also referred to as British Parliamentary debate).
The debater highlights the plight in which many Brazilian women find themselves when they receive the information about the diagnosis of a fetal malformation, either because of highly technical and impersonal medical terminology, or due to legal restrictions on abortion.
Erin Hill won the trophy for the Best Individual Debater and, along with her debating partner Harry Doodson, also won the Best Team Trophy.
There was his team and the other team, and he would make the other team pay." Karl Rove's origins as a debater come as no surprise to anyone who has ever witnessed policy debate.
Marina Gatto--a straight-A student, debater and activist--was recently inducted into the San Mateo County Women's Hall of Fame for her work with the LGBT community.