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debate on (something)

To discuss a topic at length. If they're debating on their different political views, this could go on all night.
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debate on something

to hold a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject. We can debate on this all night if you think we will settle anything in the end. Are they still debating on the question?
See also: debate, on


 (with someone) about something
1. to enter into a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject with someone. Our team debated with the other team about the chances for world peace. The candidates debate about taxes tomorrow. We will debate with them about health care.
2. . Fig. to argue with someone about something. I do not intend to debate with you about that matter. Tom did not agree to debate about it.
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Riane Oquiza is ranked 16th Champion Debater out of approximately 1,100 senior division contestants.
This year marks the first time that debaters outside of Europe will be allowed to compete at the Cambridge Schools Debate Competition.
First, we identify triads, where each debater in a triad debated the other two.
High school debate coaches, college debaters, and community members serve as judges after receiving training designed to encourage constructive suggestions for individual or team improvement.
As debaters again cover the material, they reinforce to the jury material already presented.
We thank the debaters for the comments made on this article, the theme of which will receive ever increasing attention in Brazil's advance toward better quality prenatal care.
van Eemeren, Grootendorst, & Snoeck Henkemans, 2002) because, first, nonverbal disagreement visible to the audience potentially distracts the audience from the argument being made by the current speaker, denying the debater an opportunity to advance her/his argument in the debate.
Baum cites a college debater who made $1,000 selling a single file that addressed a rapidly changing political climate to high school debaters the week before a big tournament.
City public schools, where he had once been a star debater at the elite Stuyvesant High School.
Kyl explained that good lawyers can defend either side, and that as a college debater he: was taught to argue opposite positions.
I was not asked to evaluate the presidential debate as a student, a political analyst, or an affiliate of either party, but as a debater, focusing to some extent on the arguments, but more on delivery and presentation.
But for the rest of us such an exchange would have been a loss, for someone has to undertake major public buildings of this kind, and it is hard to think of a more appropriate architect than this doughty debater of architectural issues and Professor Emeritus at Cambridge.
Showalter is a ferocious debater who likes to take extreme positions.
Even as a student debater Malcolm MacDonald saw more wisely than the Foreign Office in Fiji, where he agreed with the Chiefs' desire that Indian immigration be stopped lest this alien people outbreed Fijians and take over their country in the name of democracy: something they almost did.