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debate on (something)

To discuss a topic at length. If they're debating on their different political views, this could go on all night.
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debate on something

to hold a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject. We can debate on this all night if you think we will settle anything in the end. Are they still debating on the question?
See also: debate, on


 (with someone) about something
1. to enter into a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject with someone. Our team debated with the other team about the chances for world peace. The candidates debate about taxes tomorrow. We will debate with them about health care.
2. . Fig. to argue with someone about something. I do not intend to debate with you about that matter. Tom did not agree to debate about it.
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We are reduced to speculation because the bishops' deliberations on this issue were almost entirely in camera, expect for a small part at the end when they debated the adoption of a "statement to the church" which was subsequently made public.
When national security measures are debated, we can push for proposals that bring safety to our communities.
Carruthers and Leach debated the merits of the bill, which would use the banking industry to police online gambling sties by banning the use of credit cards, checks, and money transfers for Internet wagering transactions.
These two could have debated all night, and I do not think they would have been a winner, and to be honest it really got boring.
All of the key issues -- from infrastructure to IP phones, to options for hosted and network-based systems, to new applications -- will be discussed, analyzed and debated by leading participants in the field such as enterprise convergence experts, analysts and technical specialists.
Tuesday's event was the first time Garcetti debated Cooley since the challenger outpolled the incumbent in a three-man race in the March 7 primary.
These topics emerged after a series of community voter forums hosted by NALEO and La Opinion were held to identify the issues to be debated in this broadcast.