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debate on (something)

To discuss a topic at length. If they're debating on their different political views, this could go on all night.
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debate on something

to hold a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject. We can debate on this all night if you think we will settle anything in the end. Are they still debating on the question?
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 (with someone) about something
1. to enter into a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject with someone. Our team debated with the other team about the chances for world peace. The candidates debate about taxes tomorrow. We will debate with them about health care.
2. . Fig. to argue with someone about something. I do not intend to debate with you about that matter. Tom did not agree to debate about it.
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The motions to be debated would be perplexing and pressing, and the persuasive moment would be evaluated within each context as it occurred.
The other idea was to have a fifth debate where the tickets debated each other, Ford and Dole against Carter and Mondale (Duval 1976h).
Tierney, who questions the fiscal wisdom of tax-supported recycling programs, debated environmentalist Allen Hershkowitz of the Natural Resource Defense Council, New York.
The power of alternatives and decision rules to influence behavior depends on the extent to which they are openly accepted and debated. Good capital managers know that decisions taken in open debate are more likely to stick than those taken behind closed doors because they raise the stakes for accountability and self-discipline.
Bishop Caleb Lawrence of Moosonee was most perceptive among his fellow bishops when he noted that he had grown old in the house of bishops while issues of sexuality were being debated (Bishop Lawrence, when elected in 1979, was the youngest bishop in the communion.)
Debate can often be refrained by replacing the question being debated. In media debates, the question is usually implicit or hidden.
Since the 1970s, scientists have debated two competing theories of convection.
Asked in March if he would debate O'Rourke, Cruz told reporters he is "sure we'll see a debate in this race." Cruz noted that he debated U.S.