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deathbed conversion

The adoption of a particular religion when one's death is near. A: "I didn't know Rita was Catholic." B: "She wasn't, not until her deathbed conversion." I see a lot of deathbed conversions when I work in the hospital—people seem to need religion especially as they near the end of their lives.
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on (one's) deathbed

In the process of or very close to dying. He was on his deathbed when he finally confessed his love for Martha. They're scrambling to give her the contracts to sign on her deathbed, as the deals become null and void if she doesn't sign off on them for any reason.
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on one's deathbed

while one is in bed and dying. While he lay on his deathbed, he told his lawyer that he wanted to give all his money to charity.
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on (one's) deathbed

Close to death.
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For others offering deathbed confessions about their Jewishness, the motivation is rooted in a desire to relieve themselves from the burden of carrying a secret or guide descendants back into Judaism's fold.
She added: "I'm in total despair because to me it's beyond disgusting because we promised him on his deathbed it was going to happen.
"She prohibited me from asking about him, but on her deathbed she told me that she was very sure my father was searching for me and longing to see his daughter.
Sir James, who built the home in 1698, left instructions that on his deathbed he should not be buried.
London : Mathematicians from a US university have finally solved a cryptic puzzle renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan claimed came to him in his dreams while he was on his deathbed. While on his deathbed in 1920, Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor, British mathematician G.H.
He noted that a hospital was built for the first time in Anatolia during the SelE*uk time at the bequest of a woman on her deathbed. "Gevher Nesibe, the daughter of [SelE*uk Sultan] II KylyE*arslan, was suffering from tuberculosis.
New Britain, CT, March 28, 2012 --( Alexander Litvinenko: The Deathbed Statement -- Who really wrote it?
REMEMBER the old gag about the bloke on his deathbed who recalls how his wife had been there for him when he had pneumonia, when he suffered his own bereavement, ad , when he rebuilt his business after a fire and as he recovered after a car crash?
A DEATHBED comment prompted a theft spree, a court heard.
Although I am a bit biased--I am the writer's father--I am also an oncologist and want to comment on Heather Grennan Gary's "Deathbed Confusion" (November).
Citizen Kane, a thinly-disguised biography of press baron William Randolph Hearst, is the epic tale told in flashback as a reporter tries to discover why on his deathbed Kane uttered the single word...rosebud.
But when they hit their groove for the unashamed boogie of Step Up (I'm On It) and old school Waiting On My Deathbed they're a force to be reckoned with.
But Eternal Sonata thrusts Frederic Chopin into the gaming limelight as, on his deathbed, the famous composer dreams of a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her.
'People say they would get off their deathbed to ride the Gold Cup favourite.