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deathbed conversion

The adoption of a particular religion when one's death is near. A: "I didn't know Rita was Catholic." B: "She wasn't, not until her deathbed conversion." I see a lot of deathbed conversions when I work in the hospital—people seem to need religion especially as they near the end of their lives.
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on (one's) deathbed

In the process of or very close to dying. He was on his deathbed when he finally confessed his love for Martha. They're scrambling to give her the contracts to sign on her deathbed, as the deals become null and void if she doesn't sign off on them for any reason.
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on one's deathbed

while one is in bed and dying. While he lay on his deathbed, he told his lawyer that he wanted to give all his money to charity.
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on (one's) deathbed

Close to death.
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He died 20 years ago but on his deathbed told how he killed his lover, burying the body in the basement of the family home before Margo was even born.
Her Scots mother Liz and father Alan allowed a picture of Lorna on her deathbed to be printed to warn other youngsters of the dangers of drugs.
Cliches abound--the hooker with the heart of gold, the kindly stranger, the deathbed reunion--but the film comes from a genuine place (these guys know theft material), which gives emotional weight to its quiet lessons about love, acceptance, and separation.
It is my opinion that Attorney General John Ashcroft, in light of his decision to renounce the Oregon voters will, should be shuttled from deathbed to deathbed.
His first lover died in 1990 and his second in 1995, and then a year later he found himself on his deathbed.
GEORGE Harrison's family yesterday rejected a doctor's offer to give the guitar to charity which he allegedly forced the ex-Beatle to autograph on his deathbed.
His father, a janitor at the hospital, died there and left his son an anguished deathbed message.
One of his tasks was writing deathbed wills for men tn quarantined hospital rooms.
MYSTERY serial killer Bible John has been named in a startling deathbed confession by a convicted paedophile.
The suit claimed that Jahn - a disoriented 54-year-old executive lying in his hospital deathbed, his body ravaged by AIDS - was threatened with being exposed for taking kickbacks unless he signed away millions of dollars in benefits.
Most touching scene: the deathbed visit of grieving chums Gertrude Stein (Sharon Stone) and Alice B.
Ron wrote to the Duke of Edinburgh on his deathbed asking to see him.
Fifteen minutes after her death, two Jesuit missionaries and other Indians at her deathbed reported seeing the smallpox scars across her face suddenly disappear.
Homophobia is still rampant: You can still get killed for holding your boyfriend's hand; your parents may still forsake your deathbed because they can't face your sexual orientation; gay teens face ostracism and worse.
It is claimed that her chaplain, the Rev Norman MacLeod, made a deathbed confession that he had married the couple.