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"Hast thou not seen Death go past with my little child?" said the mother.
I am freezing to death; I shall become a lump of ice!"
One beareth only the unfortunate!" And they also are preachers of death.
Everywhere resoundeth the voices of those who preach death; and the earth is full of those to whom death hath to be preached.
As he fell asleep he had still been thinking of the subject that now always occupied his mind- about life and death, and chiefly about death.
And that fear was the fear of death. It stood behind the door.
Goe whither Fate and inclination strong Leads thee, I shall not lag behinde, nor erre The way, thou leading, such a sent I draw Of carnage, prey innumerable, and taste The savour of Death from all things there that live: Nor shall I to the work thou enterprisest Be wanting, but afford thee equal aid.
For Death who puts to sleep both young and old Hales my young life, And beckons me to Acheron's dark fold, An unwed wife.
"Death destroys a man: the idea of Death saves him." Behind the coffins and the skeletons that stay the vulgar mind lies something so immense that all that is great in us responds to it.
He had recognized him!...He wanted to dart forward, forgetting Christine; but the black domino, who also seemed a prey to some strange excitement, caught him by the arm and dragged him from the crush-room, far from the mad crowd through which Red Death was stalking.
He appeared, it is true, to feel the whole awfulness of the Judge's death, yet had received the fact into his mind without any mixture of surprise, but as an event preordained, happening inevitably, and so fitting itself into past occurrences that it could almost have been prophesied.
Anytus proposes death as the penalty: and what counter- proposition shall he make?
"Why should we not spend the last three hours remaining to us of life, like those ancient Romans, who when condemned by Nero, their emperor and heir, sat down at a table covered with flowers, and gently glided into death, amid the perfume of heliotropes and roses?" Morrel smiled.
The Abyssins have three different ways of putting a criminal to death: one way is to bury him to the neck, to lay a heap of brambles upon his head, and to cover the whole with a great stone; another is to beat him to death with cudgels; a third, and the most usual, is to stab him with their lances.
His thoughts were of the most various, but the end of all his thoughts was the same-- death. Death, the inevitable end of all, for the first time presented itself to him with irresistible force.