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Whatever happened to good old-fashioned reliance on the heart and what is dearer to us?
Cereal and related products, meat and fish, milk and its products, and fruits were dearer in May as compared to the previous month.
He said: "I have to say to you, as the leader of this party, as somebody who has given over 20 years of his life to helping build this party, while of course I want us to do well as a party and succeed in those elections there is something that is actually dearer to my heart than party politics, even if it's Ukip.
However, dearer prices of local food products drove up the price index of Food, Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco by 2.46 percent quarter-to-quarter.
After all, that car will move you around in a perfectly satisfactory manner and comes with most of the goodies found on the dearer version.
The frozen specialist's meal is 25p dearer than last year but the 0.9% rise is way below the 4.8% rate at which food prices are going up.
Pork was 20 per cent dearer, beef milk 60 per cent more expensive, poultry 30 per cent and eggs 20 per cent higher, said the report.
The company's entry level compact car Brio became dearer by Rs 4,000 to Rs 10,000 depending on variants and premium compact car Jazz is costlier by Rs 14,972 to Rs 15,000 at Rs 5.75 lakh to Rs 6.31 lakh.
fruits grew dearer by 11.96 per cent, milk by 10.85 percent and eggs, meat and
NO SMALL CHANGE So the bankers get A rather large bonus As the poor man gets A repayment onus This coalition caused Rising inflation Which eventually affects everyone In this oppressed nation I feel bemused and angered Usually in equal measure Simultaneously feeling pain But never ever pleasure Higher priced utilities Dearer food and motor fuel This rag-bag clique Are quite simply cruel They even allowed the banks To give their customers bad advice When all they needed to say was "All investors roll a dice" Are these the leaders?
A FEW years ago I was in Tesco, Holyhead and noted the petrol there was about two pence dearer than Llandudno Junction.
Riots in poor Asian and African countries have followed steep rises in food prices caused by many factors - dearer fuel, bad weather, rising disposable incomes boosting demand and the conversion of land to grow crops to be turned into biofuel.
And they had found that Portland's prices over a whole series of holidays at one Spanish hotel was 33 per cent, dearer than that charged by Intasun.
With things like dearer parking, taking over playing fields they can sell, around here they now put advertising posters on roundabouts.
According to Wight and Wolf, the relationship between breastfeeding and infant mortality might have been dearer if Chen and Rogan had been able to work with more detailed breastfeeding data.