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It was a new and astonishing spectacle to Rose, fresh from a prim boarding-school, and she watched the active lads with breathless interest, thinking their antics far superior to those of Mops, the dear departed monkey.
Some romantic young widow, I suppose,' said I, 'come there to end her days in solitude, and mourn in secret for the dear departed - but it won't last long.
March went out, after peeping here and there to see how matters went, also saying a word of comfort to Beth, who sat making a winding sheet, while the dear departed lay in state in the domino box.
Mrs Nickleby concluded by lamenting that the dear departed had never deigned to profit by her advice, save on one occasion; which was a strictly veracious statement, inasmuch as he had only acted upon it once, and had ruined himself in consequence.
This is the Mexican version of our own 'Undas,' or All Souls and All Saints annual observance-but, going in the opposite direction: On Undas days, the living go to cemeteries to honor the dead-but, on Dia de los Muertos, it's the dear departed who come to visit!
She added: "I'm honoured to be coming and performing at Vicar Street, knowing my loving dear departed Joan Rivers, that was her theatre of choice.
That's because the joyous celebration of the dear departed dates back 3,000 years in Mexico.
During his speech, the Ambassador gave remarks with heavy heart regarding the tragic helicopter accident in Naltar, "we been left with no alternative but to accept Gods will and seek His mercy and blessings for our dear departed souls.
But it doesn't stop people speculating on longevity when it comes to dear departed friends and relatives.
WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT Sky Movies Comedy 8pM Forgotten by Bafta, dear departed Bob Hoskins was remembered at the Oscars.
Islamabad -- The dear departed souls of 141 innocent students and teachers of Army Public school and College on Warsak Road, Peshawar, may not return to see their dear and near ones they left behind in tears and mourning but the entire nation is standing by the bereaved families in this moment of grief to share their agony.
From the carpet of pumpkins that looked like a touching tribute to the dear departed Gregg Wallace, to the arrival of Caroline Flack's dance partner who appeared the arrival of Caroline Flack's dance partner who appeared to have come as a bloodied Harry to have come as a bloodied Harry Styles.
We flock to the necropolis, repaint the tombs, light candles, say a little prayer, and spend some hours in vigil over our dear departed.
A POEM about my dear departed grandmother) A pillar of strength from the day I was born, A presence of love, from my first blink, to first yawn, You gave your whole heart, in all that you did, A shining example, to this young kid, Headstrong, determined, and set in your ways, I'm lucky to have witnessed your will in those days, Family came first with your at the core, A friendly wide smile as you came through the door, Your beloved pet dog lain there at your side, Your protector, so loyal, with vigour and pride, You gave so much effort, your heart and your soul, Your family's wellbeing, your ultimate goal, The passage of time is an old fickle friend, Unkind to you towards the end, But never a day will go and pass, Where I don't think of you, dear Sacriston lass.
The building was surrounding by many historically significant structures -- all, however, marked resting places of the dear departed.