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deal with (someone or something)

1. To manage or handle someone or something (usually someone or something unpleasant). The phrase "deal with it" can be used dismissively to leave a task to someone else. I just can't deal with him when gets hysterical like this. I'll deal with the construction problems at the house—you go on ahead to work. A: "Sir, I'm not sure how you want me to handle all these calls." B: "Oh, just deal with it, Jeff."
2. To focus on or include something. Your term paper must deal with the major themes of modernism and link them to your chosen text.
3. To conduct business with someone or something. It's such a pain dealing with that company. They sent us the wrong size T-shirts and then took weeks to issue a refund.
4. To treat someone in a particular way. The owner dealt with me very nicely, so I'll definitely go back to his shop.
5. slang To kill someone. Don't worry, once I deal with the informant, he won't go running to the cops ever again.
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deal with someone or something

to manage someone or something. This is not a big problem. I think I can deal with it. I am sure I can deal with Jill.
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deal with someone

Sl. to kill someone. "Spike, you deal with that cop," said the crime boss. The agent planned how best to deal with the rebel leader without getting caught.
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deal with

1. See deal in, def. 1.
2. Do business with someone, as in I like dealing with this company. [Late 1600s] Also see deal in, def. 2.
3. Take action in, handle, administer, dispose of, as in The committee will deal with this matter. [Second half of 1400s]
4. Act in a specified way toward someone, as in He dealt extremely fairly with his competitors. [c. 1300]
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deal with

1. To be about something; have to do with something: This report deals with teaching students how to read.
2. To confront or grapple with something: I can't deal with all of these problems at the same time. These researchers are dealing with the most difficult issues in the field. You dealt with their hostility very well.
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It outlined the major environmental issues and recommended certain policies to deal with them.
Most of the attention of the AHDR was directed towards suggesting strategies to deal with environmental problems.
Carl Martin, a member of the multiplatinum selling group Shai, recently signed a $2 million sub-label deal with MCA to form Carl Martin Entertainment.
He cut a deal with Trump to move the CNA executives into several of the lower, large base floors of 40 Wall Street that others had considered too big and unworkable, but fit CNA's needs and Trump's plans to establish an upscale corporate identity for the 1.
There is also a $10 per customer aggregation fee, so for instance, any customer could technically gather a group of friends together and cut a deal with an ESCO.