deal into

deal (one) into (something)

To include one in something. Often used in the imperative "deal me in." The phrase likely originated from card games, in which cards are distributed among the players by "dealing" them. If you guys are playing poker in there, deal me into the game! Bobby really wants to be involved, so deal him into this project too.
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deal someone into something

 and deal someone in 
1. Lit. to pass out cards to someone, making that person a player in a card game. Can you deal me into this hand? Deal in anyone who wants to play. Deal me in!
2. Fig. to permit someone to take part in something. Let's deal him into this project. Yes, deal in this guy. Should we deal her in?
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"Larger middle-market transactions are often done through debt, but if you have a bump in interest rates and get a decline in the industry, you can really throw the deal into a dive.
In essence, they try to break down a complicated deal into its component parts to demonstrate to clients how it will benefit them.
Thus, for every successful sub-label that has generated enough sales to renegotiate their deal into a more favorable joint venture arrangement, there are probably 20 or more sub-labels in "plantation-like" situations, industry insiders say.