under pressure

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*under pressure

1. and *under a deadline; *under the gun (about something) Fig. facing or enduring something such as pressure or a deadline. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I have to get back to work. I am under a deadline. I am under a lot of pressure lately. The management is under the gun for the mistakes made last year.
2. [of a gas or liquid] being forced, squeezed, or compressed. (*Typically: be ~; deliver something ~; put something ~.) The gas in the pipes leading to the oven are under pressure.
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under ˈpressure

1 if a liquid or a gas is kept under pressure, it is forced into a container so that when the container is opened, the liquid or gas escapes quickly
2 being forced to do something: The director is under increasing pressure to resign.
3 made to feel anxious about something you have to do: The team performs well under pressure.
See also: pressure
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Huwag tayo magset ng unrealistic deadlines dahil ang daming factors at variables na hindi controlled ng DND- Armed Forces of the Philippines (Department of National Defense-Armed Forces of the Philippines) at DILG-PNP (Department of Interior and Local Government-Philippine National Police),' Honasan said in a Twitter post.
It's a good reminder that the clock does not always have the final word, and that missing a deadline is not just for deadbeats.
June 1: Spacelabs Innovative Project Award deadline
According to Alton Sturtevant, "Not meeting deadlines causes me more stress than worrying about them.
In the letter, Veys urged AQSIS to move the registration deadline from July 1 to Oct.
Under these circumstances, we believe there are compelling reasons to extend the October 26, 2004 deadline to November 30, 2006.
June 1 Howard Dubin Outstanding Pro Member Award deadline
If you are not comfortable putting a deadline date on your mail piece, specify a time frame within which the reader must reply; e.
New Mexico: Application deadline for elk, antelope, ibex, javelina and bighorn sheep, April 26.
The Sierra Club, however, filed a lawsuit against the two-year extension for the Part 2 deadline.
The current 90-day filing deadline for Form 10-K will change to 75 days for fiscal years ending on or after Dec.
Submit this plan well before the filing deadline of Oct.
Most member states missed the first two deadlines and have been slow to inform the EC on their progress, although Denmark and Austria are now close to compliance with the 1998 deadline.
Discuss strike delivery scheduling with oil suppliers and arrange to top off the tank before the strike deadline.
Ask relevant people that you're in frequent contact with, such as teachers and community leaders, to write recommendations at least one month prior to deadline.