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deadly dull

Very boring. It seems that Ernie can make any topic deadly dull—he's just doesn't have any personality.
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deadly dull

very dull. The lecture was deadly dull, and I went to sleep. Her story was really deadly dull. I am sorry I was awake for part of it.
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female of the species is more deadly than the male

Prov. In many animal species, the female is poisonous and the male is not, and, by analogy, women are more dangerous than men. Bill: My old girlfriend's been threatening me ever since I broke up with her, but she's too small and weak to do me any harm. Fred: I'd be careful if I were you. The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
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deadly (dull)

mod. very dull. The lecture was deadly dull, and I went to sleep.
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silent but deadly

and SBD
mod. [pertaining to a release of intestinal gas] soundless but smelling horribly. Who floated that SBD air biscuit?
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CAIRO - Egypt's deadliest militant group, which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State jihadists, on Friday claimed responsibility for a suicide attack last month that killed 30 soldiers.
The previous deadliest incident happened in 1990 when a stampede killed 1,426 people.
Conventional therapies have been unable to improve the survival for the deadliest cancers, necessitating novel approaches.
The deadliest area was Baghdad, the capital, where 320 civilians died, followed by Anbar province to the west, where 164 were killed.
A TRIPLE bombing hit the main Baghdad office of an anti-Western Shiite cleric in the deadliest of a series of attacks across Iraq.
Home made bombs planted in roads are by far the deadliest weapon used by insurgents against NATO troops and Afghan government targets and frequently kill civilians.
For instance, you might see a local community or establishment noting itself as the home of the crew of a Deadliest Catch vessel.
According to James Bays, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Kabul, more than 60 Nato troops have died this month, making it the deadliest June in the last nine-and-a-half years since international forces have been in the country.
Deadliest month His comments came as a roadside bomb killed two American soldiers outside the main US military base in Baghdad on July 7, just days after the close of the deadliest month in Iraq for US troops in two years.
Summary: Four of the six British soldiers killed in the deadliest single enemy attack on UK forces in Afghanistan since 2001 were aged just 20.
ISLAMABAD, February 02, 2012 (Frontier Star): Bid to squeeze deadliest of poisonous powder, Anthrax through a sealed parcel into the Prime Ministers Secretariat has been foiled.
One of the day's deadliest attacks came around midday, when a car bomb struck near the local security forces' HQ in the northern city of Daqouq.
The unrest is the deadliest so far linked to demonstrations in Sunni areas that erupted more than four months ago.
According to the report, murder accounted for all 12 deaths in Somalia in 2012, the deadliest year on record for a country that has a long history of media killings.