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deaden (something) with (something)

To induce numbness, as with an anesthetic agent. They deadened my gums with some sort of gel before the procedure.
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deaden something with something

to dull or anesthetize pain with something. The doctor deadened the area with an injection before she began to stitch. I will deaden the pain with a local anesthetic.
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A: THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, deadens the neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that's in charge of short-term memory.
Corridors are floored with black linoleum, which deadens noise and adds to the devout atmosphere, as if science were some kind of holy order.
Several chapters are not always successful, and at times the writing deadens many fascinating subjects.
The key was to isolate the chemical in snail poison that deadens pain but otherwise leaves the nervous system unharmed.
However, there is an underlying earnestness to Common Ground that deadens its impact.
Bob Zuppke: Egotism is the anesthetic that deadens the pain of stupidity.
Unfortunately, the stiff-upper-lip attitude that propelled him to achieve career goals deadens his writing style.