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deaden (something) with (something)

To induce numbness, as with an anesthetic agent. They deadened my gums with some sort of gel before the procedure.
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deaden something with something

to dull or anesthetize pain with something. The doctor deadened the area with an injection before she began to stitch. I will deaden the pain with a local anesthetic.
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Nevertheless, over the last few years several short films from the Centre (see last year's Ernest, for example) have delivered some of the most incisive attacks on neo-conservative ideology and spirit deadening consumer capitalism to be found anywhere in Canadian cinema.
Following improvements in sound deadening, Nissan says the new Primera is 45 per cent quieter than its predecessor.
Not only are there no real differences--Clinton is beginning to make Nixon look like a liberal--the whole summer is a huge, deadening blur of blockbusters, Olympics, and conventions.
This last of Lawrence's novels reflects the author's belief that men and women must overcome the deadening restrictions of industrialized society and follow their natural instincts to passionate love.
But he concludes that the professional quest for "honor"--work with high social purpose and relative freedom from supervision--does establish a precedent for escape from the alienated labor, uncertain markets or deadening bureaucracies that trap most workers.
Furthermore, patients have described Tubercin(R) being effective in Pain Management whereby it appears Tubercin(R) as having the high propensity of deadening the nerve endings in specific areas of the body where cancer has caused erosion and consequently much pain.
On one side, the Outers are crying for a brave new world, free from a deadening foreign hand, which holds on to all of their money, is so aloof it refuses to be questioned and now seems tired, dated and arrogant.
If motorways carve apart the body of the city, car parks form a deadening rash over much that remains--atrophied and often expanding areas in which selfishness, litter and crime rule.
Abrasive materials and higher throughput are also noisy, so pelletizers are getting added sound deadening.
More, even, than a figure, these grim supports indicate a deadening inertia in the landscape, a poisonous undertow in the empty space.
Typical applications include sealants and adhesives, sound deadening and vibration damping, polymer modification and membranes.
The blockbuster-movie phenom seems more deadening this summer than ever.
Gone are the rear seats and a load of sound deadening material in order to reduce its weight.
According to certain sources from Vauxhall's engineering team, the automaker is planning to use lightweight materials such as polycarbonate windows, and binning sound deadening materials in the vehicle.
It's deadening for teachers, and it's equally deadening for kids,'' said Joshua Pechthalt, an incoming UTLA vice president.