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deaden (something) with (something)

To induce numbness, as with an anesthetic agent. They deadened my gums with some sort of gel before the procedure.
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deaden something with something

to dull or anesthetize pain with something. The doctor deadened the area with an injection before she began to stitch. I will deaden the pain with a local anesthetic.
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Excalibur crossbow packages include the following: Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope with 30mm rings, X-hanger Quiver with bracket, three Quill bolts with fieldpoints, rope-cocking aid, ambidextrous cheek piece, Sound Deadening System and R.E.D.S.
Nevertheless, over the last few years several short films from the Centre (see last year's Ernest, for example) have delivered some of the most incisive attacks on neo-conservative ideology and spirit deadening consumer capitalism to be found anywhere in Canadian cinema.
This padding combined with multi-layered, sound deadening foam makes the Nova 2000 the quietest on the market.
Gleason begins in the 1840s, noting that Thoreau's vision of self-cultivation as an escape from the deadening patterns of work and social life in antebellum America seemed to exclude the Irish immigrants then arriving in large numbers to serve as a labor force for an emerging industrial society.
Following improvements in sound deadening, Nissan says the new Primera is 45 per cent quieter than its predecessor.
The first study, directed by Javad Alaghband-Rad, a psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Md., finds that some of the most severe and intractable symptoms of schizophrenia-such as a deadening sense of apathy and social withdrawal-appear in the youngsters displaying the smallest brains, as measured by a brain-scanning device.
Not only are there no real differences--Clinton is beginning to make Nixon look like a liberal--the whole summer is a huge, deadening blur of blockbusters, Olympics, and conventions.
This last of Lawrence's novels reflects the author's belief that men and women must overcome the deadening restrictions of industrialized society and follow their natural instincts to passionate love.
Inside, extra sound deadening has been fitted and new tech systems come with lane departure warning and hill start assist.
If motorways carve apart the body of the city, car parks form a deadening rash over much that remains--atrophied and often expanding areas in which selfishness, litter and crime rule.
But more important, the photo gives the lie to the belief in the morally deadening properties of photography.
Abrasive materials and higher throughput are also noisy, so pelletizers are getting added sound deadening. Cumberland's Super Quietizer strand pelletizer muffles the infeed and encloses the pelletizer with acoustic foam.
Let us, therefore, strengthen the sound deadening regulations for domestic residences.
Typical applications include sealants and adhesives, sound deadening and vibration damping, polymer modification and membranes.
The blockbuster-movie phenom seems more deadening this summer than ever.