dead ringer for someone

dead ringer for (someone)

A person or thing that bears a strong resemblance to someone or something else. Susie was such a dead ringer for Kate Winslet that sometimes people would ask her for her autograph.
See also: dead, ringer

(dead) ringer (for someone)

n. someone who is an exact duplicate of someone else. (see also ringer.) You are sure a dead ringer for my brother.
See also: dead, ringer, someone
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"Embarrassingly, they thought I was a dead ringer for someone else off the box - Mr Bean!
AND so to PHILLIP SCHOFIELD's waxwork, which, in the grand tradition of Madame Tussaud's, is a dead ringer for someone completely different.
If you know anyone who's a Dead Ringer for someone famous, send their picture to us.
I've never seen such a dead ringer for someone else and as he handed me (there we go again) the keys to (V)room (V)room 130 I couldn't help but ask him if anybody else had commented on his similarity in appearance to the French basketball player.