dead ringer for (someone or something)

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dead ringer for (someone or something)

A person or thing that bears a strong resemblance to someone or something else. Susie was such a dead ringer for Kate Winslet that sometimes people would ask her for her autograph. The budget company is known for producing accessories that look like dead ringers for those made by the top brands.
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a dead ringer for someone

COMMON If you say that one person is a dead ringer for another, you mean that the first person looks or sounds exactly like the second. He's tall, dark and a dead-ringer for Robert Pattinson. Kovic is extraordinary in one respect: he's a dead ringer for the former US President. Note: The word `ringer' may originally have come from a name for dishonest traders at fairs who sold brass rings, pretending they were gold. In American horse racing, a `ringer' is a horse that has been dishonestly substituted for another in a race.
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a dead ˈringer for somebody

(informal) a person who looks extremely like somebody else: She’s a dead ringer for her mother.A ringer was a person or thing that pretended to be another person or thing. In horse racing for example, a ringer was a horse that was substituted for another in order to cheat in a race.
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(dead) ringer (for someone)

n. someone who is an exact duplicate of someone else. (see also ringer.) You are sure a dead ringer for my brother.
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So, actually, I must give Tracy her dues - after just one go at the DVD, I am a dead ringer for one of her famous clients.
She's a dead ringer for one of the Real Housewives of Orange County--Lynn, the real dumb one who makes jewelry in her breakfast room and has a rebellious daughter.
THIS lush green 180cm fake tree had us all fooled as it really is a dead ringer for one of nature's finest.
The brand has a jumper dress that is a dead ringer for one Dolce and Gabbana sent down the catwalk.
But then I took in his goatee beard, balding forehead, swept back hair and small ponytail, a dead ringer for one of the kneeling archers from ancient China.
Maybe you get stopped on the street for autographs or have been told you are a dead ringer for one of the players set to show off their skills in Portugal.
"And I'm a dead ringer for one of the parts he has in mind so I might just be able to make it," he said.
McDermott - a dead ringer for one of TV comic Harry Enfield's Scouse scallywags - comes in as unofficial SOCIAL MANAGER.
ACTRESS Frances Healy was terrified when a dead ringer for one of her colleagues exposed himself to her, a court heard yesterday.
And then, in the 1999 scenes, he sports grey hair and a moustache which makes him an uncanny dead ringer for one Desmond Lynam.