dead ringer for (someone or something)

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dead ringer for (someone or something)

A person or thing that bears a strong resemblance to someone or something else. Susie was such a dead ringer for Kate Winslet that sometimes people would ask her for her autograph. The budget company is known for producing accessories that look like dead ringers for those made by the top brands.
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a dead ringer for someone

COMMON If you say that one person is a dead ringer for another, you mean that the first person looks or sounds exactly like the second. He's tall, dark and a dead-ringer for Robert Pattinson. Kovic is extraordinary in one respect: he's a dead ringer for the former US President. Note: The word `ringer' may originally have come from a name for dishonest traders at fairs who sold brass rings, pretending they were gold. In American horse racing, a `ringer' is a horse that has been dishonestly substituted for another in a race.
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a dead ˈringer for somebody

(informal) a person who looks extremely like somebody else: She’s a dead ringer for her mother.A ringer was a person or thing that pretended to be another person or thing. In horse racing for example, a ringer was a horse that was substituted for another in order to cheat in a race.
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(dead) ringer (for someone)

n. someone who is an exact duplicate of someone else. (see also ringer.) You are sure a dead ringer for my brother.
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Nikki's life is turned upside-down when she meets an art teacher who's a dead ringer for her late husband, again played by Harris.
She can hardly blame us for mixing them up - with her long, dark, wavy hair and floppy hat, she is a dead ringer for her ever-youthful namesake.
But there's one artefact that doesn't catch her eye - a statue of a singer that's a dead ringer for her ex-husband, the sex-addicted musician Eric Benet.
Not only is the 14-year-old performer a dead ringer for her 23-year-old sister but her role as free-spirited Zoey Brooks in Nickelodeon's latest hit show Zoey 101 brought back memories of Britney's teen appearances on the Disney Club.
Friends say little Jamie Lynn is a dead ringer for her big sis and has already been offered a record deal.