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Hail, Dead One, who sittest like a vulture on a rock
They call her mad, yet at her bidding I came to seek thee, Dead One, bearing the Watcher that was thy father's and shall be mine.
Then the Dead One spoke once more very faintly, yet in the silence of the place I heard his words:--
By the indefinite signs which, even at a distance, distinguish a living body from a dead one, Napoleon from the Poklonny Hill perceived the throb of life in the town and felt, as it were, the breathing of that great and beautiful body.
Leslie won't take a gift from a living man, but mebbe she will from a dead one.
Depart, however, from this town,--or tomorrow I shall jump over thee, a living man over a dead one.
I am an air scout, friend, and very near a dead one, for just by the merest chance I escaped falling to the avenue below," I replied.
There now, either a lazy woman or a dead one has not taken her clothes down before the holiday,' remarked Nikita, looking at the fluttering shirts.
During many summers, now, I have watched him, when I ought to have been in better business, and I have not yet come across a living ant that seemed to have any more sense than a dead one.
not a living figure but was writhing in torture, not a dead one but was smeared with blood, gashed with wounds, and distorted with the agonies that had taken away its life!
With the Cathedral crypt he is better acquainted than any living authority; it may even be than any dead one.
What they gave me above all was just the sinister figure of the living man-- the dead one would keep awhile
But I mean dead ones, to swing round your head with a string.
Live things are much fresher and more wholesome than dead ones, and you humans eat all sorts of dead creatures.
I liked all that family, dead ones and all, and warn't going to let any- thing come between us.