dead marine

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dead marine

slang An empty bottle from an alcoholic beverage. (Potentially considered objectionable.) The yard was littered with dead marines the morning after the wild party. He looked up just in time to see a dead marine being swung at his face.
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dead marine

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marine officer

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marine (recruit)

and marine officer
n. an empty beer or liquor bottle. (see also dead soldier, dead marine. These expressions are probably meant as derogatory to either marines or officer.) Every now and then the gentle muttering of the customers was accented by the breaking of a marine as it hit the floor. There’s a marine officer laying in the fireplace.
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I had seen dead Marines and slain Japanese, and those awful scenes were seared into my memory.
Please report any distressed or dead marine mammals and sea turtles in Sarasota or Manatee County to Mote's Stranding Investigations Program, a 24-hour response program, at 941-988-0212.
The Supreme Council for Environment runs a dead marine mammals and turtles monitoring program which aims at establishing a database of recorded dead sightings which is entered following the inspection of the dead mammal or turtle to identify the reason of death.
They also looked at records of seafloor sediments containing preserved shells of dead marine organisms; the shells contain higher or lower levels of a heavier isotope of oxygen, depending on the relative salinity of surface waters when the organisms were alive (less salty waters indicate more rainfall over the ocean).
In reference to the "Dead Marine" (trivia, Volume 18 Issue 7) being an empty wine bottle, the Duke of Clarence is supposed to have extricated himself nicely from a possible offence to his hosts at a dinner party by suggesting that, just like a marine, "that bottle has done his duty and is now ready to do it again." That's from Jackspeak: A Guide to Royal Navy Slang & Usage by Rick Jolly, published in 1988.
A dead Marine washes up on a beach or a Navy wife's body is found in a basement, and in an office somewhere in Washington, squad boss Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, says to his team of young investigators, "Grab your gear." The corpse is then delivered to the agency's medical examiner, Dr.
Strangely, Smyth fails to relate how Montagu even had a liaison, possibly an affair, with the young clerk whose photograph became the image of the dead marine's fiancee--so closely did he associate himself with the character he had created.
He then further risked his life by checking the body of a dead Marine blown from the gun turret.
COSTLY Members of a US environmental service crew walk the shoreline in search of dead marine wildlife
The AP distributed the picture despite personal pleas from Gates and the dead Marine's family in a case that illustrated the difficult decisions in reporting on a conflict where Americans have seen relatively few images of fallen U.S.
The study, also conducted by the BCSR, revealed that a sharp increase in the number of dead marine turtles coincided with the beginning of the shrimping season, in mid-July.
Researchers led by Moeller, of Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston, found a sea sponge thriving in the midst of dead marine creatures.
Where the ocean currents wafted along heated coastline, dead marine iguanas washed ashore, while parboiled invertebrates drifted loose among blanched inter-tidal algae.
The discovery of a dead Marine intelligence officer in a motel room prompts the team to hunt for his killer in an investigation which could lead to a terrorist cell.