dead end

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dead end

1. noun A road that leads nowhere. I knew my GPS was wrong when it told me to turn onto a road that came to a dead end.
2. adjective Prohibitive of progress or advancement. (Sometimes hyphenated.) Jerry decided he couldn't spend another minute working at that dead end job with no possibility for a promotion. The police received a lot of dead-end leads, but nothing that led them to the killer.
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dead end

1. A passage that has no exit, as in This street's a dead end, so turn back. [Late 1800s]
2. An impasse or blind alley, allowing no progress to be made. For example, This job is a dead end; I'll never be able to advance. [c. 1920]
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a dead end

COMMON You use dead end to talk about situation in which you cannot make any more progress. The signs are that their famously successful economic policy might be nearing a dead end. Do you feel you have reached a dead end at work? Note: You can use dead-end to describe a boring job or situation which will never lead to anything more interesting or successful. He was stuck in the same dead-end job for twenty years. Starting your own business is daunting but I was desperate to get out of what felt like a dead-end situation. Note: A dead end is a street which is closed at one end.
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a dead ˈend

(informal) a point where no more progress can be made: Lack of further clues meant that the murder investigation came to a dead end.He was in a dead-end job with no hope of promotion.
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Have you ever encountered a dead end while driving your car?
If I quit a Dead End, will it increase my ability to get through the Dip onto something more important?
95, Doubleday, 245 pages), might have curbed his premature midlife crisis, but it left a few inconclusive dead ends with the latter issue.
Because 95 percent of ammonites had beautifully coiled bodies, paleontologists have traditionally considered the uncoiled forms as evolutionary dead ends that could not compete well, says Zinsmeister.
Despite th many linear and circular elements in Salt Transfer Cycle, Joo offers no real lines or circles, no true continuity, merely a tangle of loose ends and seeming dead ends that if tipped off balance (like the aluminum rods) could prove toxic
Although they were initially reluctant to release the composite sketch for fear of alerting the suspect and causing him to flee, Detective Dan O'Hanian said numerous dead ends have left them no other choice.
In the world of behavioral research, they call this kind of confidence "perceived self-efficacy,' and the roads leading to it have many twists and turns, even dead ends.
Figuring she would turn around where the road dead ends, Nava didn't pay attention until some 20 minutes passed and the car had not returned.
One particular stretch of Blythe Street in Panorama City is known for dead ends: A three-year program called the Blythe Street Prevention Project set up shop this year to battle the drugs and violence, to end the dead ends.
For five days they drove down the dead ends, alleys and back roads, and the roads in back of the back roads.