dead end

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dead end

1. noun The end of a road, path, or other passage that does not have an exit or other passages attached to it. I knew my GPS was wrong when it told me to turn onto a road that came to a dead end.
2. noun By extension, a situation in which no more progress or advancement is possible. I'm afraid we've come to a dead end in our investigation.
3. adjective Prohibitive of or offering no possibility for progress or advancement. Sometimes hyphenated. Jerry decided he couldn't spend another minute working at that dead end job with no possibility for a promotion. The police received a lot of dead-end leads, but nothing that led them to the killer.
4. verb To end in a way that prevents any possibility of further progress or advancement. Often hyphenated. This street dead-ends up ahead, so we'll have to turn around.
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dead end

1. A passage that has no exit, as in This street's a dead end, so turn back. [Late 1800s]
2. An impasse or blind alley, allowing no progress to be made. For example, This job is a dead end; I'll never be able to advance. [c. 1920]
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a dead end

COMMON You use dead end to talk about situation in which you cannot make any more progress. The signs are that their famously successful economic policy might be nearing a dead end. Do you feel you have reached a dead end at work? Note: You can use dead-end to describe a boring job or situation which will never lead to anything more interesting or successful. He was stuck in the same dead-end job for twenty years. Starting your own business is daunting but I was desperate to get out of what felt like a dead-end situation. Note: A dead end is a street which is closed at one end.
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a dead ˈend

(informal) a point where no more progress can be made: Lack of further clues meant that the murder investigation came to a dead end.He was in a dead-end job with no hope of promotion.
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Dead End plays like a comedy without jokes, and yet, more because than in spite of its flaws, there is something gruesomely entertaining about it.
Put your foot on the gas and pick up Dead End on DVD or Video
Dead End boasts some genuinely tense moments, but these are few.
The trace back leads to a dead end within the United States.
The bad news is that not having adequate EW resources in a combat situation also results in a dead end for a military career -- a potentially fatal dead end with nothing to follow.
But the fact is that individuals who become involved in abortion, and nations which embrace it as policy, eventually learn by painful experience that abortion is a dead end.
Labour yesterday pledged to take action over the increasing army of Dead End youngsters in Britain.
The play was turned into an effective movie (1937), played by the same young actors who had appeared in the stage version; they became known as the Dead End Kids and went on to make several other motion pictures.
Road improvements on Fiant Street from State Road 44 to Martin Street, then Martin Street from Fiant Street to the dead end, Woodbine Street from Fiant Street to the dead end, Fiant Street from Woodbine Street to East Baseline Road, East Baseline Road to Springersville Road, and Fiant Street from Martin Street to Woodbine Street.
The exact definition of a "dead end" job can be subjective; for example, I might see a job as a dead end if there's no room for promotion in the next five years.
But as these girls are in their mid-20s it's closer in age (if not in cleverness) to Lena Dunham's Girls than a female Inbetweeners, mining that period after university when your dream career fails to just drop into your lap and you end up, as the title says, drifting between dead end jobs and even more dead end relationships.
SHREWSBURY - Selectmen voted unanimously last night not to make a portion of Clews Street a dead end.
A MAN who directed a taxi driver to a dead end street before robbing, assaulting him and stealing his car has been given an indeterminate prison sentence.
As it happens, Martin's got the goods at his disposal: the scenery, the music, a better-than-average cast and a fresh-faced collection of Dead End Kids to give Kingsley's drama a steady electrical current.
One could define Smithy Ide as a typical middle-aged loser--unmarried with a dead end job and nothing to do but eat and get drunk.