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In "Century Dead Center," a series of thirty prose poems, the presence of the Holocaust permeates all the scenes, whether they be of a "Proud Papa in Brown Shirt holding the Infant Christa" or of the bibliophile whose seemingly clean fingers stain his keyboard red after he peruses Century of Dishonor in a local bookstore.
.50 T/C STRIKE PERFORMANCE BULLET POWDER CHARGE (BRAND, BULLET WEIGHT, TYPE) (BRAND) (GRAINS WEIGHT) Harvester Muzzleloader Blackhorn 209 100 260 Scorpion PT Precision Rifle 260 Dead Center Blackhorn 209 100 Federal 270 Trophy Copper Blackhorn 209 100 PowerBelt 295 Aerotip Blackhorn 209 100 VELOCITY GROUP SIZE (FPS) (INCHES) Harvester Muzzleloader 1,900 0.75 260 Scorpion PT Precision Rifle 260 Dead Center 1,875 1.5 Federal 270 Trophy Copper 1,849 3.375 PowerBelt 295 Aerotip 1,844 3.75 Notes: The 0.75-inch grouping of the Scorpion PT isn't too surprising.
Frank agreed to put a distinctive punch mark at top dead center right in front of where the extension pin is located.
The sole purpose of the impulse, when properly engaged, is to keep the mag momentarily from rotating and firing the spark plug until the piston is a few degrees past dead center. In this position, the piston is beginning to move downward on the power stroke.
"At the corner of 18th Street, it's the dead center of Flatiron's Silicon Alley," Ellman says.
The Right has moved some crazy ideas from the fringe into the dead center of political debate because of its willingness to hammer away year after year.
The piston, accordingly, compresses for fuel-air mixture only during four-fifths of its travel toward top dead center.
In fact, the two visible-light and two near-infrared pictures relayed to an Australian radio receiver show Gaspra at dead center, scientists reported at a briefing last week at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
Not so, says Dead Center Archery--the makers of the all--new Dead Silent Carbon Series Hunting Stabilizer.
At 7 yards standing with a 2-hand hold, the Hornady load printed a neat 2-inch group, dead center, firing single action.
JHP loads I prefer, the pistol shot dead center at 25 yards.
As a result, the lever is blocked from returning to dead center. In some designs, the lever never returns to center position, but is slightly to the left or right when the action is closed.
In the photograph accompanying the November article, and in my photograph, you can see the serial number plate above dead center of the front axle.
In the catalogue pages, one could see, for instance, four photos of Jane Fonda in four completely different but equally synthetic guises; Pat Buchanan being made up by a cosmetician for a TV appearance; computer morphs of once-human faces; before-and-after bellies and buttocks; and dead center, a profile view of Michael Jackson, clearly the sun god of this new solar system, who would later be deified by Jeff Koons.