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Colin Doyle was just in front of McLeish, and they shared some banter, even if Doyle kept his eyes dead ahead as if hoping no-one would notice such fraternising.
Even if you haven't seen it yourself, we've all at least heard stories of boats slowly circling or running dead ahead at high speed, but with no operator at the helm.
The two of us stared dead ahead like a pair of mannequins.
Dead ahead, to the west, are the brown roofs of Bishop's Cleeve, with behind them the smudge of Tewkesbury barely visible.
The toll in Homs included two civilians shot dead ahead of the protest by security forces manning a checkpoint in Bab Al-Sibaa, the Britain-based watchdog said.
Dead ahead lies Little Christmas, as well as Groundhog, Valentine's, and St.
The guide stops dead and slowly points a long finger dead ahead.
This requires just the right amount of rain, coupled with a wind blowing strongly from dead ahead.
26, 2005, came seconds after he noticed an odd reflection on the tracks, about a quarter-mile dead ahead.
As the elevator took off, Rumsfeld stared dead ahead at the door, and then turned to look at my feet.
In contrast you could sense the quiet menacing focus of the Jambos players as they lined up like a row of nightclub bouncers, stony-faced and staring dead ahead.
As the skipper of the water taxi down-shifted, I could see my destination like a welcoming beacon dead ahead.
Then the Sky Scourge permitted another of his rare smiles to be visible as his hawklike vision spied a field with a well-lighted runway dead ahead.
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