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Thus, Quick Jack can come late under Richard Hughes to take the Cesarewitch while De Rigeur, Communicator and Waterclock are live each-way contenders.
Checking into hot places or tweeting pictures of gourmet meals and holidays while everyone is stuck in the office has become de rigeur for busy twenty and thirty somethings and matching your smartphone case to your clothes is just the next step on the one-upmanship that social media inspires.
The de rigeur lead questions to fresh inductees arriving in jail are "What didja get popped for?
They still manage to look as much in love as they did when ra-ra skirts were considered de rigeur.
They will be launched at Glastonbury this month where wellies are always a de rigeur fashion item along with a plentiful supply of bin bags which serve the dual purpose of waterproofs and to keep your loo rolls dry.
DRESSING down has become de rigeur among the professional classes of late, but it seems Liverpool's staunch traditionalists may be leading a sartorial fightback.
We featured painted timber beds last week and it seems period French romanticism is de rigeur in the dining room too.
Celebrity interviews in Icon are de rigeur, as are ads for superhomes, speedboats, country clubs and, naturally, fancy-dan motors.
Competition among schools has intensified, international curriculum and campuses are now de rigeur, and faculty recruitment and retention is more challenging.
Supermarket ranges such as George at Asda, Cherokee at Tesco and Sainsbury's Tu are de rigeur for today's smallest consumers.
Cast iron can't handle the water pressure and alkaloid detergents of the average dishwasher cycle, so hand washing is de rigeur.
A business resumption plan should be de rigeur for most organizations--and a crisis communication plan should be an integral part of it.
The brave new world of corporate collaboration makes a blog absolutely de rigeur if some industry commentators are to be believed.
RAISED eyebrows seem almost de rigeur in Leinster House recently.
Finally, we will assess the role of sponsorship at both Institute and chapter level, and otherwise act to ensure that the enhanced transparency and accountability that has been become de rigeur in our companies permeates the entire organization.