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daydream about (someone or something)

To fantasize or imagine scenarios while one is awake (as opposed to dreaming while one is asleep). She's probably daydreaming about the boy she has a crush on, considering she's doodling his name all over her notebook. I can't believe that I'm singing on Broadway tonight—I used to daydream about that all the time when I was a kid!
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daydream about someone or something

to have daytime fantasies about someone or something. Poor Alice is always daydreaming about Albert. John is daydreaming about running away to Tahiti.
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Then, one day, we run away with our new love, only to discover that this new daydream also has a stale date.
Most notably, daydreams are believed to be essential for organizing internal information, reflecting on personal goals, and planning complex future events (Stawarczyk et al., 2012).
A basic definition of "daydreaming" is "engaging in stimulus-independent, task-unrelated thoughts and images." A simple daydream usually lasts only a few minutes.
People working in marketing daydream the most, followed by bankers, lawyers, estate agents and civil servants.
If there were ten times that, I'd ask Harry Findlay how much he put in the pool, then, in my daydream, tell him I scooped the lot with one pounds 1 line.
These results suggest that career counselors should at least consider asking clients about their occupational daydreams early in the counseling process.
A survey of 1,001 adults by Silhouette Books shows that top of the daydream table is a night of passion, followed closely by running away with a stranger.
The proportions of students reporting each perspective in their daydreams was similar to the proportions of students reporting that perspective in their dreams.
The survey, commissioned by National Lottery organiser Camelot, found almost half of British adults believe daydreams can come true and say they can promote health and well-being.
BROADCASTER Craig Doyle yesterday revealed he daydreams about presenting rugby with George Hook.
Add to that oxytocin, a kind of empathy hormone, and prolactin which makes us very loving, and I don't find your daydreams that surprising.
A night of passion heads the list of top five romantic daydreams, followed closely by being swept off by a stranger.
Of course, I ponder what needs to be done in the name of preparation, but mostly I daydream about the possibilities.