daydream about

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daydream about (someone or something)

To fantasize or imagine scenarios while one is awake (as opposed to dreaming while one is asleep). She's probably daydreaming about the boy she has a crush on, considering she's doodling his name all over her notebook. I can't believe that I'm singing on Broadway tonight—I used to daydream about that all the time when I was a kid!
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daydream about someone or something

to have daytime fantasies about someone or something. Poor Alice is always daydreaming about Albert. John is daydreaming about running away to Tahiti.
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Of course, I ponder what needs to be done in the name of preparation, but mostly I daydream about the possibilities.
Senior executives daydream three times during their working day - for five minutes and 30 seconds - and are more likely to daydream about having sex.
She suggests becoming aware of what you daydream about, noticing when you daydream and paying attention to the effect your daydreams have on you.
You started to daydream about that one cute girl in class as being that goddess of love--what's her name?
Money is the most common daydream for 14% of both men and women, although men are more likely to spend their time thinking about sex and love at 44%, compared with 20% of women, while women are more likely to focus on family and children at 29%, something only 16% of men regularly daydream about.
I'M happily married to a wonderful man, expecting my first baby, and yet, all day long, I daydream about being with my first lover.
When I daydream, what doI daydream about?If I was born 100 years ago, what do I think my life would be like?
Oh, I still daydream about what could have been, and I wouldn't take back one minute of practice for anything in the world.
95% of women enjoy daydreaming for at least 15 minutes a day l 13% daydream for seven hours or more per week l One in four (26%) daydream in the bath l One in five (21%) daydream in boring meetings or at work l 17% find that music helps influence daydreams l The same number (17%) find that smells influence what they daydream about l 50% yearn for more money with the favourite daydream being winning the lottery l 26% daydream of being on an exotic holiday