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daydream about (someone or something)

To fantasize or imagine scenarios while one is awake (as opposed to dreaming while one is asleep). She's probably daydreaming about the boy she has a crush on, considering she's doodling his name all over her notebook. I can't believe that I'm singing on Broadway tonight—I used to daydream about that all the time when I was a kid!
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daydream about someone or something

to have daytime fantasies about someone or something. Poor Alice is always daydreaming about Albert. John is daydreaming about running away to Tahiti.
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The next daydream can masquerade as your hope or your aspiration, as your goal for getting your life in order.
The fruits of this multi-year effort with Google now offer customers choice in Daydream headsets -- from smartphone VR to standalone VR.
We used a daydream journaling experience (Pisarik et al., 2013) and an interpretive counseling experience based on Hill's (2004) model of dream interpretation.
We know that all children daydream, so the concern to be addressed is whether there is something going on that is more than typical daydreaming and is interfering with a child's ability to learn in the classroom.
Daydream Designs increased profits in their graphic design area by 94% as a result of taking on Ffion.
Hotel chain Travelodge quizzed more than 2,000 workers across a range of jobs and found that the favourite times to daydream are 10:47am, 1.36pm, 3.07pm and 4.16pm.
The Welsh mezzo-soprano signed copies of her new album Daydream and met fans who queued at the HMV store on Queen Street, Cardiff.
Summary: Sixteen hopefuls have been flown to Daydream Island in Australia for the finals of The Best Job In The World competition.
It now appears that their song Daydream Believer holds the crucial key to creativity.
Even so, it's a great daydream, and perfect for racing, as well as for crosswords.
Swedish mobile system solutions developer Gamefederation Svenska AB said on Wednesday (6 December) that it has agreed to acquire the mobile services provider Daydream from 24hPoker Holding AB.
You started to daydream about that one cute girl in class as being that goddess of love--what's her name?
But their plan to launch the unisex Daydream Spa within a year earned them top honours at the 2005 BIZMAP Business Plan Competition Awards April 5.
Swarovski, world leader in cut crystal, has collaborated with German bathroom fittings company Kludi to come up with the luxury Dazzling Daydream bathroom.