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daydream about (someone or something)

To fantasize about someone or something while one is awake (as opposed to dreaming while one is asleep). She's probably daydreaming about the boy she has a crush on, considering she's doodling his name all over her notebook. I can't believe that I'm singing on Broadway tonight—I used to daydream about that all the time when I was a kid!
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daydream about someone or something

to have daytime fantasies about someone or something. Poor Alice is always daydreaming about Albert. John is daydreaming about running away to Tahiti.
See also: daydream
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Four of the 33 participants who recorded daydreams (daydream journal group, n = 1; daydream interpretation group, n = 3) described their daydreams as a source of motivation.
Despite the fact that the watercolours were painted very early in Langley's career, with A Daydream and A Fisherman's Son being completed in 1884.
With the acquisition of Daydream, the company increases its customer base significantly among cell phone operators and wireless game publishers.
1 &4: Daydream wedding dress by Antonia Ruth Evans and modelled by Charlotte Crabb, 2,3 & 6: Freedom dresses designed and modelled by Maria Nickolaou, 5: Freedom dress designed by Maria Nickolaou and modelled by Charlotte Crabb
Chris Malcolm from Daydream said the award was "a huge honour.
I always wanted to know and I always used to daydream about what it would be like to stand on a really big stage and sing songs for a lot of people, songs that I had written-Daydreaming was kind of my No.
Ac mae'r ferch 24 oed wedi cael Swydd barhaol gyda Daydream DeSignS lle mae ei chyfraniad yn helpu'r cwmni i dyfu.
Workers across a range of industries were surveyed, finding that on average we daydream four times during the working day, adding up over the course of a year to a full week.
We daydream four times during a working day - with each one lasting an average of four minutes 20 seconds Being top dog in the workplace, going on holiday, being happy, making love and winning the lottery are some of the nation's favourite daydreams.
Deputy skills minister Ken Skates yesterday visited graphic design company, Daydream Designs in Holywell which expanded its services and turned a job opportunity into a full time position.
9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Sunshine Daydream, the 2012 All-America Rose Selections winner, leads the way among four new offerings from The Conard-Pyle Company/Star[R] Roses this spring.
But the tour will support her forthcoming album Daydream which Katherine describes as her "most personal to date".
CLASSICAL singer Katherine Jenkins will be touring UK theatres early next year in support of her new album Daydream.
It also finds that brain areas associated with complex problem- solving -- previously thought to go dormant when we daydream -- are in fact highly active during these episodes.
Research by careers advice service learndirect showed that almost one in three workers daydream every day or spend time trying to find another job.