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I not only watched this tournament from day to day, but detailed an intelligent priest from my Department of Public Morals and Agriculture, and ordered him to report it; for it was my purpose by and by, when I should have gotten the people along far enough, to start a newspaper.
He put off his answer from day to day, and then another letter would come, saying she was ill and lonely and miserable.
Clayton gathered for me, but will add to this from day to day as things happen.
Greatest mathematical distance of all was that between Captain Duncan's mind and the mind of an astronomer who charted the heavens and navigated a thousand million miles away among the stars and who tossed, a mere morsel of his mathematical knowledge, the few shreds of information to Captain Duncan that enabled him to know from day to day the place of the Makambo on the sea.
In the discussion from day to day of the various features of this programme, the question came up as to the advisability of putting a member of the Negro race on for one of the opening addresses, since the Negroes had been asked to take such a prominent part in the Exposition.
Crawling forth, from day to day, to some green sunny spot, they have had such memories wakened up within them by the sight of the sky, and hill and plain, and glistening water, that a foretaste of heaven itself has soothed their quick decline, and they have sunk into their tombs, as peacefully as the sun whose setting they watched from their lonely chamber window but a few hours before, faded from their dim and feeble sight
Mom to Mom, Day to Day is a deeply spiritual book, blending equal parts of practical family members and reverence for the divine.
com a family of services meeting its varied testing requirements: LoadPro for pre-planned full service load testing, including experienced consulting; and Test Perspective, a completely self-service, self-provisioned load and integrity test, for immediate, day to day tests.
The Tender is the provision of a Day to Day Responsive Repairs and Programmed Electrical Maintenance for Blackpool Coastal Housing.