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DAWDLING along, in that peaceful way parents do after they've just dropped their kids off at school, I had a few things on my mind.
In other words, you end up with a car that is perfectly at home dawdling along in city traffic, but can easily cope with a dash along the dual carriageway.
But I'm one of Noel Coward's famous mad dogs and English (wo)men who go out in the midday sun, and so it was that I found myself dawdling along while thinking back to my first visit to this stupendous gorge in 1992 and deploring, in my grumpy middle-aged way, the changes that had brought the tourists flocking to it since then.
The production of new knowledge is accelerating exponentially, Nail notes, which means that graduate students dawdling along for years on a Ph.D.
As I've had two endorsements for speeding in a 30 mph limit I'm extra careful, but it's frustrating dawdling along the Western by-pass at 50 mph when everybody else is whizzing past without the possibility of being caught.
Even on the six-lane highways in parts of Germany there must be some risk to drivers "dawdling along" at 60-80mph.
For his talk at the book festival, he'll be arguing that dawdling along life's highways is more intellectually stimulating than driving.
Relationships that have been dawdling along could really get moving now.
On country lanes the all-wheel drive added extra road holding into and out of the tight corners, and aided and, abetted by a seven speed gearbox, has the torque to suit all occasions - even when dawdling along in town traffic.
I had not gone far on this early spring day, dawdling along as I walked, pushing back the snow and scouting for future spring rambling and hunting possibilities.
I am a 45-year-old HGV driver and the bane of my life is older drivers dawdling along at 50mph on a motorway, forcing us lorries to overtake, or cutting us up.
But if I stick strictly to my speed limit, all the other road users get frustrated at me dawdling along and start to overtake - often in the face of oncoming traffic, on bad bends and at chevron junctions.
"We didn't realise there were any speed limits in Germany so our manager just put his foot down and overtook this car that was dawdling along," Alexei explained.
I've been receiving counselling for driving anxiety." The MS sufferer was pulled over for dawdling along the M32 near her Bristol home in August.
If they're not dawdling along in the middle lane at 12 mph or charging out from slip roads at 78 mph they're drifting from lane to lane doing the knitting or travelling six inches behind your bumper with a face like a charging buffalo.