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dawdle about

To waste time. If you want to get your allowance, quit dawdling about and do your chores!
See also: dawdle

dawdle along

To walk in a slow and unconcerned manner. We'll never get there on time if you boys keep dawdling along. Hurry up!
See also: dawdle

dawdle away

To waste time (often a specific amount of time that is stated after "away"). I had to stay up late finishing my book report because I dawdled away my whole afternoon.
See also: away, dawdle

dawdle over

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dawdling over this book report, you'll be up all night!
See also: dawdle, over

dawdle about

to waste time in a place; to waste time talking idly. Don't dawdle about. Get moving. Tim has been dawdling about all morning.
See also: dawdle

dawdle along

to move along slowly and casually. The boys dawdled along on their way to school. We were just dawdling along, talking about life. We didn't know we were late.
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dawdle over something

to waste time when one should be doing a particular task; to loaf while doing something. Don't dawdle over your hamburger. The lunch period ends in two minutes. Don't dawdle over it. Get it done.
See also: dawdle, over

dawdle something away

to waste a particular amount of time; to let a period of time slip away, wasted. You didn't finish your work because you dawdled most of your time away. You dawdle away too much time daydreaming.
See also: away, dawdle
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Imagine following a tractor, a slow lorry or a Sunday afternoon dawdler for 20 miles.
Dual carriageways have largely done away with the fine art of overtaking, but Mrs Hawkins had only to see a short stretch of straight and she'd drop a gear, and the willing Vitesse, with its trademark double headlights, would roar past some footling dawdler before flicking back into top and barrelling down the road towards the sports.
Pulling over sharply, the dawdler watched slack-jawed as the boy racer zoomed off at a speed which would have keenly interested the traffic police had any been around.
But the circumstances are often brought about by the dawdler up front."
He's such a dawdler it's untrue and I want to know how I can get him to stop taking so much time with things.
No one would listen anyway and Londoners would continue to rush in whatever direction they like, mowing down tourists and dawdlers in their wake.
Here's to the wondering reveries of the dreamers and the dawdlers, for the real aha!
They put aside the shopping list, delay dodging dawdlers in the aisle, and head to the supermarket cafe for a big breakfast.
Joseph R Ferrari, a psychologist at DePaul University, told me that most people are just occasional dawdlers."Chronic procrastinators," Ferrari said, make up only about 20 percent of the population, and the only way to help them is therapy.
Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex has introduced a fast lane for bargain hunters who don't want to be held up by dawdlers.
You loved the steel band and jostled past dawdlers; got overtaken by a man dressed as a penguin - but at least you overtook Batman.
Never anticipating hordes of Utopian dawdlers and stay-behinds like Coverdale and Curtis, Fourier sought to institute an oceanic feeling of connection across humanity.
It's December; locals pass quickly through the crowd wearing light sweaters and Ugg boots, but it's also seventy degrees out, so the dawdlers consist mostly of sandal-clad, tank-top-draped, browned skin.
It also has voice activation so you can tell it where to go, and the intelligence to recalculate its route when it senses an obstacle and manoeuvre around dawdlers.
CYCLISTS, people of rotund shape, elderly dawdlers, dreadful drivers, forelock-tugging admirers of Lizzie Windsor and her dysfunctional brood of benefit scroungers, northerners, southerners, Brummies unfortunate enough to support Aston Villa.