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dawdle about

To waste time. If you want to get your allowance, quit dawdling about and do your chores!
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dawdle along

To walk in a slow and unconcerned manner. We'll never get there on time if you boys keep dawdling along. Hurry up!
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dawdle away

To waste time (often a specific amount of time that is stated after "away"). I had to stay up late finishing my book report because I dawdled away my whole afternoon.
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dawdle over

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dawdling over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dawdle about

to waste time in a place; to waste time talking idly. Don't dawdle about. Get moving. Tim has been dawdling about all morning.
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dawdle along

to move along slowly and casually. The boys dawdled along on their way to school. We were just dawdling along, talking about life. We didn't know we were late.
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dawdle over something

to waste time when one should be doing a particular task; to loaf while doing something. Don't dawdle over your hamburger. The lunch period ends in two minutes. Don't dawdle over it. Get it done.
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dawdle something away

to waste a particular amount of time; to let a period of time slip away, wasted. You didn't finish your work because you dawdled most of your time away. You dawdle away too much time daydreaming.
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The experiments revealed that dawdle suppresses the activity of a gene called Atg8a, whose job is to spur the process of "autophagy" - the cleanup of misfolded proteins.
Our visit being lastweek did not encourage us to dawdle. Nevertheless we felt a touch less antipathy to the scheme than on our daytime visits.
Maybe I am wrong, as the others dash past me at well in excess of 60mph whilst I dawdle along at the proper limit.
by the very lack of progress it looks set to dawdle on the full distance until culture year before it's finally finished.
Often, several males drop behind those who dawdle at a feeding site and drag branches in semicircles to herd them toward the main group.
Martin Bosley's gelding produced a particularly encouraging effort last time as he was only beaten one and threequarter lengths here despite an early dawdle and making his challenge up the unfavoured far rail.
The problem I find with older drivers is that, generally, they do tend to dawdle a bit while keeping within the speed limit, causing problems for other drivers who need to be at their destination, like, yesterday.
ALL alone I dawdle by the lapping sea As drizzle-dusk thickens the liquid day And silent night droops over the high crags Smoothing-soothing their harsh outlines.
Yenaled likes to strike late off a strong pace so hopefully they won't dawdle in their early paces.
The New Zealand captain, hope of victory apparently gone, instructed his batsmen to dawdle and allow South Africa a hefty victory margin.
Riding the trail is a dawdle. One of the Hicks gang leads you off at a safe, leisurely pace for an hour-long ride.
My NHS colleagues and I will be staffing your local hospitals day and night over the festive period 24/7 so if my days off are in the week I will "dawdle" all I like.
I was utterly confident it would be a dawdle to come up with something that would sound equally right as an opening line.