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dawdle about

To waste time. If you want to get your allowance, quit dawdling about and do your chores!
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dawdle along

To walk in a slow and unconcerned manner. We'll never get there on time if you boys keep dawdling along. Hurry up!
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dawdle away

To waste time (often a specific amount of time that is stated after "away"). I had to stay up late finishing my book report because I dawdled away my whole afternoon.
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dawdle over

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dawdling over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dawdle about

to waste time in a place; to waste time talking idly. Don't dawdle about. Get moving. Tim has been dawdling about all morning.
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dawdle along

to move along slowly and casually. The boys dawdled along on their way to school. We were just dawdling along, talking about life. We didn't know we were late.
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dawdle over something

to waste time when one should be doing a particular task; to loaf while doing something. Don't dawdle over your hamburger. The lunch period ends in two minutes. Don't dawdle over it. Get it done.
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dawdle something away

to waste a particular amount of time; to let a period of time slip away, wasted. You didn't finish your work because you dawdled most of your time away. You dawdle away too much time daydreaming.
See also: away, dawdle
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The experiments revealed that dawdle suppresses the activity of a gene called Atg8a, whose job is to spur the process of "autophagy" - the cleanup of misfolded proteins.
2 : to dawdle on the way to somewhere <Don't loiter on your way home.
ALL alone I dawdle by the lapping sea As drizzle-dusk thickens the liquid day And silent night droops over the high crags Smoothing-soothing their harsh outlines.
Myriad paths are beckoning to Jill Oakes, the most prominent female soccer player the San Fernando Valley has produced, but she'd like to dawdle a little longer on this one.
Tomorrow evening is the Dick Whittington Dawdle at Whittington, near Oswestry, the third event in the local Pentarathon series.
The New Zealand captain, hope of victory apparently gone, instructed his batsmen to dawdle and allow South Africa a hefty victory margin.
A display of Prince Philip's most memorable expletives is also likely if photographers continue to dawdle while taking his f*** picture.
So, when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says in a radio interview that the NFL best not dawdle and then follows it up the next day with a call to commissioner Paul Tagliabue in the same week Holden begins the initiative process and shortly after his top aides have been briefed on the Coliseum's negotiations with the NFL, draw your own conclusions.
I cannot imagine your average churchgoer will dawdle long in Tina's company before logging off in disgust.
IT makes be very angry and frustratedwhen people dawdle around shops at Christmas.
But Congress continues to dawdle on passing a new highway bill and rejects an evenhanded sharing of resources.
Farmers dawdle along in tractors seemingly thinking motorists must really like looking at their rear ends.
While Scary, Posh and the other two still dawdle over the new album, the diary hears they're about to unleash a secret treat.
Mile after mile they dawdle on while the inside lane remains clear as far as the eye can see, effectively reducing a three-lane motorway to a dual carriageway.