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daub (something) on(to) (something)

To smear something onto something else. I daubed stain remover onto the spot and then tossed the pants in the washer.
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daub with

1. To smear something onto something else. I daubed the spot with stain remover and then tossed the pants in the washer.
2. To apply a sticky substance to something. I'm going to daub the hinges with some grease to make that squeaking stop.
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daub something on(to) something

 and daub something on
to smear or paint something onto something else, The painter daubed a bit of yellow onto the canvas. Daub on a bit of yellow here. She daubed the medicine on.
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daub something with something

to smear or paint something with something sticky, such as paint, grease, makeup, etc. The mechanic daubed the part with grease and put it back where it came from. The end of the chair leg was daubed with glue and set into place.
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Ms Backhouse, 25, and Mr Town, 26, of West Derby, are still subject to an anti-social behaviour order banning them from daubing graffiti on property.
The new system increases throughput because it doubles the speed in small dot adhesive die bonding applications over legacy bonding methods that used daubing for application of small adhesive dots.
Coun Keith Linnecor (Lab, Oscott) spotted a gang of around ten youngsters daubing Kingstanding Library with pictures of guns late last Wednesday.
They have taken delight in trashing the garden and daubing vile images on the windows and doors of the property in High Street, Ryton on Dunsmore.
Bethell, whose unorthodox cross-examination technique concentrated on asking witnesses what defined art and the delivery of his own thesis on "the greed in art", admitted streaking in Parliament Square and daubing the painting.
Angry mothers and fathers packed a meeting last week and demanded police take action to curb the behaviour of the youths who they say were forming gangs, daubing graffiti in the park and making their children's lives a misery.
The cameras showed Humphreys - described as a pillar of the community - daubing the house.
His wife said: ``They were freely daubing their names and we didn't say anything to them.
SIR - The daubing of Cymuned posters with swastikas doesn't surprise me.
BRUSHED OFF: Hussein; CHOICE: Vicari is daubing Jonathan
As well as hearing about the past, they had the chance to try their hands at wattle and daubing and brass rubbing.