daub with

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daub with (something)

To apply or smear a substance (onto something). A noun or pronoun is often used between "daub" and "with." I daubed the spot with stain remover and then tossed the pants in the washer. I'm going to daub the hinges with some grease to make that squeaking stop.
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daub something with something

to smear or paint something with something sticky, such as paint, grease, makeup, etc. The mechanic daubed the part with grease and put it back where it came from. The end of the chair leg was daubed with glue and set into place.
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References in classic literature ?
But yet, since princes will have such things, it is better they should be graced with elegancy, than daubed with cost.
The bestial faces, daubed with color--the huge mouths and flabby hanging lips--the yellow teeth, sharp filed--the rolling, demon eyes--the shining naked bodies--the cruel spears.
The canoe was between thirty and forty feet long, and several feet in width; constructed of birch bark, sewed with fibres of the roots of the spruce tree, and daubed with resin of the pine, instead of tar.
Some neighbors even affirm that they had once seen, through an air-hole, Archdeacon Claude excavating, turning over, digging up the earth in the two cellars, whose supports had been daubed with numberless couplets and hieroglyphics by Nicolas Flamel himself.
By-and-by, one group after another came straggling back to the mouth of the cave, panting, hilarious, smeared from head to foot with tallow drippings, daubed with clay, and entirely delighted with the success of the day.
He still wore the fine broadcloth suit in which he had fulfilled his mission, but it was bitterly the worse for wear, daubed with clay and torn with the sharp briers of the wood.
Pictures posted on Twitter by the cemetery on Saturday showed the marble gravestone daubed with political slogans.
Other sites in Dumbarton were daubed with pro-SNP slogans between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
Houses, phone boxes and a pub in Caernarfon have been daubed with graffiti that reads "council tax is slavery".
A STREET in Birmingham where a car has been burned out, daubed with offensive graffiti and abandoned, has been compared to Gaza in the Middle East by an angry resident.
Ian Town and Charlotte Backhouse - still banned from daubing graffiti on property; One of the trains daubed with graffiti; Charlotte Backhouse works on the graffiti wall at Fusion21
Julie Aston, who owns JJ's sandwich shop in Crosland Moor, is angry that her shop keeps getting daubed with graffiti.
A GIANT Old Trafford billboard remembering the Busby Babe victims of the Munich disaster has been daubed with paint in a midnight attack.