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daub (something) on(to) (something)

To smear something onto something else. I daubed stain remover onto the spot and then tossed the pants in the washer.
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daub on

To smear something on(to something else). A noun or pronoun can be used between "daub" and "on." I daubed the stain remover on and then tossed the grass-stained pants in the washer. I excused myself to daub on a little bit of makeup before the interview started.
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daub with (something)

To apply or smear a substance (onto something). A noun or pronoun is often used between "daub" and "with." I daubed the spot with stain remover and then tossed the pants in the washer. I'm going to daub the hinges with some grease to make that squeaking stop.
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daub something on(to) something

 and daub something on
to smear or paint something onto something else, The painter daubed a bit of yellow onto the canvas. Daub on a bit of yellow here. She daubed the medicine on.
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daub something with something

to smear or paint something with something sticky, such as paint, grease, makeup, etc. The mechanic daubed the part with grease and put it back where it came from. The end of the chair leg was daubed with glue and set into place.
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A spokesperson said: "We are aware of graffiti that has been daubed on street signs and private property in the Stryd y Degwm (Tithebarn Street) area of Caernarfon.
Patrick Noone, licensee at Birkdale's The George pub, discovered the terror slogans had been daubed across his property after a friend tipped him off.
The letters EDL, which stands for the English Defence League - a party which says it is "fed up with Islam" - was daubed on the property's front door.
The 27-year-old's butt has earlier, also been recreated in a giant mosaic of crumpets, while shortly after the royal marriage a driver of the Peugeot 206 was caught on camera driving through Birmingham with 'Is Pippa's Bum Still Better Than Mine???' daubed across the side of the car in white paint.
It's heartbreaking to see." Dismay as yobs daub cenotaph in graffiti just days before Remembrance Day service By HYWEL TREWYN VANDALS daubed a cenotaph with graffiti days before services to remember the war dead.
She had no teeth so we took her beef, put it in the blender, then daubed it on the plate.
DISGRACE: Daubed swastika' MEMORIES: Frank Tombs & Gordon Kingscott, both 75
ANTI-Muslim graffiti has been daubed across a Catholic family's home.
His works are mostly medium-size panels of unprimed stretched canvas, linen, or wool, daubed with chlorine, bleach, and dye and/or adorned with bits of fabric.
'They have already daubed graffiti at Cathays Park.
And the robbers sprayed gallons of paint on the new pounds 500,000 pitch and daubed slogans on the grass.
RACIST graffiti has been daubed on the wall of a mosque sparking a police investigation.
A car was burned and sectarian graffiti was daubed on a wall of the property at Islandarragh Road area of Ballycastle, Co Antrim, during the early hours of yesterday.