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daub (something) on(to) (something)

To smear something onto something else. I daubed stain remover onto the spot and then tossed the pants in the washer.
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daub with

1. To smear something onto something else. I daubed the spot with stain remover and then tossed the pants in the washer.
2. To apply a sticky substance to something. I'm going to daub the hinges with some grease to make that squeaking stop.
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daub something on(to) something

 and daub something on
to smear or paint something onto something else, The painter daubed a bit of yellow onto the canvas. Daub on a bit of yellow here. She daubed the medicine on.
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daub something with something

to smear or paint something with something sticky, such as paint, grease, makeup, etc. The mechanic daubed the part with grease and put it back where it came from. The end of the chair leg was daubed with glue and set into place.
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References in classic literature ?
It lay there bald and ugly in the streaming sunshine, a block of misshapen wood ill-painted in flaring daubs, the thing which they had worshipped in gloom and secret, they and a generation before them - all the mystery of its shrouded existence, the terrible fetish words of the dead priest, the reverence which an all-powerful and inherited superstition had kept alive within them, came into their minds as they stood there trembling, and then fled away to be out of the reach of the empty, staring eyes - out of reach of the vengeance which must surely fall from the skies upon these white savages.
But in spite of my efforts to remain composed, my attention wandered from the drawings to the merry group, and against my better judgment my wrath rose, and doubtless my countenance lowered; for Milicent, observing that I must be tired of her daubs and scratches, begged I would join the company now, and defer the examination of the remainder to another opportunity.
Open content delivery platform GECO Gaming has established a partnership with online gaming company Daub Alderney.
Claremont station artist Joyce Kohl, San Dimas station artists Eugene Daub and Anne Olsen Daub, and Pomona station artist Stephen Farley will be at their respective events.
Perhaps you could daub them with blue paint as they like the colour so much.
Lehigh Valley drivers can ensure their vehicles are ready for fall and winter by visiting Brown Daub Used Cars' service department for a comprehensive checkup as well as any needed repairs.
Dismay as yobs daub cenotaph in graffiti just days before Remembrance Day service By HYWEL TREWYN VANDALS daubed a cenotaph with graffiti days before services to remember the war dead.
Congratulations to our perfumers, evaluation teams and our brand partners for their extraordinary creativity, passion and efforts," said Achim Daub, member of the Symrise executive board and global president scent and care.
The new Daub Energy Recovery System for bakers and food manufacturers has been launched by the Kaak Group, the world's largest suppliers of bakery equipment.
I haven't seen a daub of beef since Aunt Maggie died.
The company, which develops and markets alcoholic drinks including Trump vodka, said that Jeffrey Daub will assume the position, and will be charged with handling accounting functions, controls and financial reporting.
Mr O'Conner, a member of the Swansea-based arts and film body Undercurrents, said, 'They had planned to daub the National Assembly but it was decided the security was too tight there.
Hal Daub, president and chief executive officer of the American Health Care Association, called Thompson "a true champion for the frail, elderly and disabled populations our member organizations serve.
Sally Daub, CEO and president of ViXS Systems, said, "Major ODMs and OEMs are clearly interested in putting high-quality digital video products in the hands of consumers as soon as possible.