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daub (something) on(to) (something)

To smear something onto something else. I daubed stain remover onto the spot and then tossed the pants in the washer.
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daub on

To smear something on(to something else). A noun or pronoun can be used between "daub" and "on." I daubed the stain remover on and then tossed the grass-stained pants in the washer. I excused myself to daub on a little bit of makeup before the interview started.
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daub with (something)

To apply or smear a substance (onto something). A noun or pronoun is often used between "daub" and "with." I daubed the spot with stain remover and then tossed the pants in the washer. I'm going to daub the hinges with some grease to make that squeaking stop.
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daub something on(to) something

 and daub something on
to smear or paint something onto something else, The painter daubed a bit of yellow onto the canvas. Daub on a bit of yellow here. She daubed the medicine on.
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daub something with something

to smear or paint something with something sticky, such as paint, grease, makeup, etc. The mechanic daubed the part with grease and put it back where it came from. The end of the chair leg was daubed with glue and set into place.
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Unearthed On left is piece of daub with the wicker design and on the right is what may be Stirling's oldest fingerprint, says Murray Cook, inset
John Daub is a tall, strong man himself, and is thoroughly trained in hand-to-hand as well as with guns.
"Allen and Daub tell investors that they can participate in some or all of the funding for a specific loan to a specific athlete.
Of the three books to be considered here--all aimed roughly at the two-hundredth anniversary of Wagner's birth in 1813--Furness's is the most accessible, Geek's is the most considerable and Daub's the most eccentric since it is not about Wagner but about his shadow.
Brown Daub's expert technicians can perform a brake inspection to determine if they need to be replaced.
Workers' leave was interrupted when transport bosses called them in to clean up the ugly scrawls daubed on the walls of the stations.
TWO police officers were so incensed by vandals who daubed a war memorial with graffiti, they cleaned it up themselves.
According to Daub, the awards "demonstrate our ability to combine creativity with consumer knowledge, innovation and technical know-how.
German based ovens manufacturers Daub have pioneered the use of thermal oil ovens, saving customers up to 30% on their energy costs while producing a top quality end product.
I didn't have the daub of beef because my teeth are OK.
Enter Hal Daub, who last fall became president/CEO of the American Health Care Association (AHCA).
Hal Daub, president and chief executive officer of the American Health Care Association, called Thompson "a true champion for the frail, elderly and disabled populations our member organizations serve.
"This product will include a new technology incorporating Liquid Calcium, which together with the remineralizing power of fluoride and the deep cleaning ability of baking soda, restores surface enamel, leading to healthier teeth and a brighter smile," notes dentist Brian Daub.
Sally Daub, CEO and president of ViXS Systems, said, "Major ODMs and OEMs are clearly interested in putting high-quality digital video products in the hands of consumers as soon as possible.