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So as hurtful as it is when a dude kisses then disses, he could be freaked because he's not mature enough to handle true dating. And then there's the Joe Player type--he got what he wanted, so he's outta here!
The researchers used a method known as uranium-thorium dating to cross-check the carbon-dating estimate of the calcite layer's age.
The auditor is referred to the guidance found in paragraph .05 of AU section 530, "Dating of the Independent Auditor's Report," in AICPA Professional Standards.
"I'd love for the Liujiang skull to be as old as Shen proposes, but we'll never know for sure without directly dating the specimen," Wolpoff holds.
However, a related dating method, known as optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), now indicates that the oldest Jinmium layers date to 22,000 years ago at most, report geoscientist Richard Roberts of La Trobe University in Melbourne and his colleagues.
Oceanographers had previously relied on the carbon-14 dating technique to judge the age of deep-sea sediments, but this method reaches back only 45,000 years.
Radiocarbon dating is more art than science, says Cornell University archaeologist Maryanne Newton, who suggests that the 45-year interval seized on by the scientists rests on "a string of assumptions." The 13-year margin of error surrounding the Jericho date is a standard number referring to laboratory error, so the team's estimate could actually be off by a wider margin, she adds.
Because the layers record where sea level was millennia ago, the researchers can determine the speed of subsidence by dating the sediments.
By measuring tiny amounts of radioactive elements in Barbados coral, scientists have discovered unexpectedly large errors in the traditional carbon dating scale.