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"You mean," said Marian, "the discovery that Laura did not leave Blackwater Park till after the date of her death on the doctor's certificate?"
In that case, she must have started on the twenty-sixth, and must have come to London one day after the date of her own death on the doctor's certificate.
We know that his departure followed Laura's after the lapse of a few hours, and we may get at the date in that way.
Dawson's books certainly showed when he had resumed his attendance on Miss Halcombe at Blackwater Park, but it was not possible to calculate back from this date with any exactness, without such help from Mrs.
Dawson, I resolved to try next if I could establish the date of Sir Percival's arrival at Knowlesbury.
She remembered her master calling her out of bed, and remembered his frightening her by swearing--but the date at which the occurrence happened was, as she honestly acknowledged, "quite beyond her."
There is no need to describe what passed between us--it ended, as all my other attempts to discover the date had ended.
Spider was the first to see the date, and ere any knew what his intention was he raised himself to his feet, and lunged over the side of the boat, to disappear forever into the green depths beneath--the coin had not been the 1875 piece.
"I never received any arsenic from the prisoner, or from any one else, at the date to which you refer, of at any other date.
During the deliberations, it was observed that Pakistan needed to explore an alternate market for the exports of Pakistani dry dates. As a result of its continuous efforts for increasing the exports of Pakistan, TDAP through the Pakistan Mission in Sri Lanka had arranged the visit of date importers from Sri Lanka to Sukkur and Khairpur from 4 to 7 August.
Over 120 date gene pool varieties are found within the UAE, and with new introductions from Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq, the country produces 250 varieties of dates, including the Khallas, AbouMaan, Hallawi, Khissab, Khenezi, Nabut Saif, Jabiri, Hillali, Lulu, Chichi, Khadraoui, Sakii, Sultana and Barhi varieties.
The tradition of breaking fast with "Khajoor" (dates) is connected to the religious practices in Ramadan as Muslims across the globe prefer to eat dates in "Iftari" prior to any thing else.
However, Balochistan is very rich in the field of growing date-farms (Machath) which produce delicious dates with major demands in different cities and countries.
" (There is also a column or chart called "Final Action Dates" or "Visa Issuance Dates.") But what does the Application Filing Date mean?