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date back

To have originated at an earlier time. This phrase is often followed by "to" and then the corresponding time frame or historical figure. I know she thinks that this vase is some great antique, but I doubt it dates back more than 30 years. This vase dates back to the Victorian period. This vase dates back to Queen Victoria.
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date from (something)

To have originated in an earlier time period. This vase dates from the Victorian period.
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date back (to someone or some time)

to have origins that extend back to the time of someone or something. This part of the palace dates back to Catherine the Great. This is old! It really must date back.
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Too frequently, read in translation over a decade after it was published, the form leaves the impression of datedness and, at times, albeit misleadingly, superficiality.
But if vestiges of the brandy-and-soda era clung to the plays in the festival this year, Buffman is conscious of the need to shed the genre's reputation for datedness.
Strangely, though, the volumes' datedness does not diminish their value.
Sapdaru's subsequent interventions went further, stripping the translation of dead metaphors, linguistic archaisms and dramatic datedness, so that in his production language would have the same status as movement, choreography, music and set, and wouldn't monopolize the audience's attention.
A blunt independence of view and a polemical readiness for the damning catchphrase ensure the memorability of these pieces, despite some datedness of interest.
According to two essayists apologetic about the datedness of their entry, expanded versions of these conference papers were prepared for the press during 2001.
If purchasing played as big a part in movie plots as communicating, an increasingly compelling indicator of datedness would be writing a check or paying cash.
The second very valuable contribution of this collection is that it makes palpable a certain combination of datedness and timelessness.
But if this erotic ambition is one more aspect of Clark's untimeliness, that untimeliness may allow him to escape mere datedness to disclose a new poetic future for us all.
A pencil-and-paper questionnaire was constructed, consisting of five scalar measures, in the following order of administration: (1) the 60-item As Experience Inventory, from which 3 items were removed due to datedness (As, O'Hara, & Munger, 1962); the response format is "Yes," "?
Kauffman's 1961 Richard Brome: Caroline Dramatist, subtly yet steadily revealing the obvious datedness of that work.
The characteristics of the products and services that may affect satisfaction are the level of customisation, the subject matter, up to datedness, complexity, reliability, organisation, language, and format.
They seemed to embody datedness, staleness, and gloominess as apperceived by Liang.
The datedness of Dewey's thesis ostensibly arises from his prominent references to "too much public" and "too many publics" in explaining the public's eclipse.
However, the most serious drawback to this collection is its datedness.