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While Persuasion contains many fewer dashes than Emma, the novel that contains the most (3,089), Austen imbues each one with meaning (Reeves 54).
The dashes also provide a visual bench upon which to rest as well as a directional sign to keep reading.
When Elliot looks at Anne with "a degree of earnest admiration," Austen uses dashes to reflect Wentworth's emotional response to another man's desiring Anne--and Anne's perception of that response: "Captain Wentworth looked round at her instantly in a way which shewed his noticing of it.
As Sutherland argues, "something has been lost" with the regularization of Austen's punctuation (Kennedy), particularly with all the dashes "disappeared" by printers.
Chapman has not left out all dashes, but many (MW 244-46; Sutherland, Fiction Manuscripts, Lady Susan 3-7).
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