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"Follow me, John Carter," replied Xodar, and without waiting for my reply he dashed down into the tunnel at our feet.
And yet here, real as life, wild boars dashed through my dreams, and I, with fantastic parents, swung through the lofty tree-spaces.
Thus, she might have sent, to use Gifford's word, "carelessly" and more densely dashed manuscripts to her printers, knowing that a certain percentage would be eliminated or, "in the transformation of manuscript into print," made into another form of punctuation (Sutherland, "Dealings" 123, 124).
ARMITAGE'S Garden Centre in Birchencliffe dashed to donate its sponsorship money early.
Society chairman Jim Cave dashed around the aisles on Saturday morning before the Clock Towers store opened and grabbed goods worth pounds 250.
WATERLOO winner Colin Lee dashed round the aisles of a supermarket.