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dart around

To move quickly and erratically. It's impossible to keep an eye on all the kids when they're darting around the park like this!
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dart a glance at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something quickly. That boy just darted a glance at you again! I think he likes you! You only darted a glance at that sign, so how could you possibly know what it says?
See also: dart, glance

dart about

To move quickly. Good luck finding Lou—he's always darting about the office, doing one thing or another.
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dart across

To move quickly across an area. Did you see that bunny dart across the yard? I only noticed the bug after it darted across my ceiling.
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dart in and out

To move quickly between things. Kids, quit darting in and out of the house—you're letting the bugs in! That fool is going to get into a car accident with the way he's darting in and out of traffic.
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dart out

To move quickly out of somewhere or something. The kids darted out of the house as soon as they heard the ice cream truck.
See also: dart, out

dart a glance at someone or something

to shoot a quick look at someone or something. She darted a glance at him and looked quickly away. He darted a glance at the door and looked even more uncomfortable.
See also: dart, glance

dart about

to move about quickly. The little fish were darting about everywhere. People were darting about, to and fro, during the noon rush hour.
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dart across something

to run quickly over something. A small animal darted across the road in front of the car. I tried to dart across the street, but the traffic was too heavy.
See also: across, dart

dart in and out

[for something moving] to move quickly between two things, or into a number of things, and move away again. On the highway, a small car was darting in and out of the two right lanes of traffic. A small bird darted in and out of the bush, probably going into a nest inside.
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dart out (of something) (at someone or something)

to move quickly out of something toward someone or something. The ferret darted out of its burrow at the children. The snake darted out at the frog. The mouse darted out of its hole.
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The Half Penny pub swept the board in the Teesside ladies' darts league back in July 1987 winning both the league championship and knockout cup.
The players will initially compete in four knockout quarter-final matches on Thursday, May 28, before the semi-finals and final are held the following day to determine the Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters champion and the winner of the $200,000 (Dh734,400) prize fund.
Since the homemade devices did not have any safety feature that would prevent the dart from going into the mouth, they became lodged in the teen's airway, Jatana said.
The 2011 PDC Premier League Darts will take place at the ECHO Arena on April 28.
If John wins the tournament he will be given the chance to compete with the best in the sport at the Torremolinos Open as well as two other UK based BDO Darts events in 2009.
It was particularly risky last year to see how it would sell because people can pick up a darts board for about pounds 10.
Taylor has just wrapped up his 12th PDC world darts crown and is still hungry for more silverware.
Garden snails do well if they make one jab, but other species hold on to their love darts and wield them as daggers.
A darts Fives whitewash, five at 301 and a snooker tin-hat told its story and it was followed by four domino wins and a last-hand whist win by Roy Howells and Derek Edmunds to complete the handful.
Twenty-five pubs each week will host the SP 9-Dart Challenge - to get the highest possible score with nine darts.
It's time to step up to the oche again, for the series that's already scored a double top with sports fans - Topless Darts.
THQ Wireless currently offers SpongeBob SquarePants Darts, which will be available on a number of additional handsets for wider release this fall.
Arkle defeated Callan Rydz 4-2 after trailing 2-0 - Arkle winning both legs in 19 darts.
Members of the darts teams at Waterloo Bowling Club raised more than pounds 700 with a charity night.