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dart around

To move quickly and erratically. It's impossible to keep an eye on all the kids when they're darting around the park like this!
See also: around, dart

dart a glance at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something quickly. That boy just darted a glance at you again! I think he likes you! You only darted a glance at that sign, so how could you possibly know what it says?
See also: dart, glance

dart about

To move around quickly, perhaps frequently changing directions. Good luck finding Lou—he's always darting about the office, doing one thing or another.
See also: dart

dart across

To move quickly across an area. Did you see that bunny dart across the yard? I only noticed the bug after it darted across my ceiling.
See also: across, dart

dart in and out

To move quickly between places or things. Kids, quit darting in and out of the house—you're letting the bugs in! That fool is going to get into a car accident with the way he's darting in and out of traffic.
See also: and, dart, out

dart out

To move quickly out of somewhere or something. The kids darted out of the house as soon as they heard the ice cream truck.
See also: dart, out

dart a glance at someone or something

to shoot a quick look at someone or something. She darted a glance at him and looked quickly away. He darted a glance at the door and looked even more uncomfortable.
See also: dart, glance

dart about

to move about quickly. The little fish were darting about everywhere. People were darting about, to and fro, during the noon rush hour.
See also: dart

dart across something

to run quickly over something. A small animal darted across the road in front of the car. I tried to dart across the street, but the traffic was too heavy.
See also: across, dart

dart in and out

[for something moving] to move quickly between two things, or into a number of things, and move away again. On the highway, a small car was darting in and out of the two right lanes of traffic. A small bird darted in and out of the bush, probably going into a nest inside.
See also: and, dart, out

dart out (of something) (at someone or something)

to move quickly out of something toward someone or something. The ferret darted out of its burrow at the children. The snake darted out at the frog. The mouse darted out of its hole.
See also: dart, out
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Despite their international success, Puma Darts sales and marketing efforts (headed by John's daughter and marketing director Julie Carlson) and an increasingly important online business are still based in Katikati, But Peter McCormick, and sales manager Peter Edmonson, clock up an enormous number of miles in overseas travel.
The Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters has been a very positive development in augmenting the exposure of darts in both Dubai and across the Middle East," said PDC Chief Executive Officer Matt Porter.
Phil Taylor claimed his fifth Premier League Darts title in 2010 with two nine-dart finishes in the same match and beating defending champion James Wade 10-8 in the final.
The 2011 PDC Premier League Darts will take place at the ECHO Arena on April 28.
There has been a effort here to live out of the mundanity suffers from and to a it works in the gamer with polished and playable darts game the Wii.
The John Smith's People's Darts Finals will be held at the home of darts, the Lakeside Country Club in Surrey, which has been graced by the best in the business.
Big names featured in PDC World Championship Darts 2008 include Phil 'The Power' Taylor, Andy 'Rocky' Jenkins and Ronnie 'The Rocket' Baxter.
The prize for one lucky darts fan and a friend includes two tickets, accommodation, food and drink at the venue, a tour of the backstage area and a chance to meet the top contenders for the title.
They sired twice as many offspring as did snails whose darts missed their targets.
Robert Holmes,PR Consultant, British Darts Organisation
Colin Sim learned to throw darts in an English pub.
darts championships held in August, serving as the presenting sponsor of the Los Angeles Open Dart Tournament (August 9-11) and as participating sponsor at the North American Open in Las Vegas (August 16-18).
The NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster is the first fully automatic DART TAG blaster in NERF history, able to launch a stream of up to 20 darts.
Mark Pirie The Post continued their title challenge in Airdrie and District Darts League as they battle it out with Carsons.