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That FB was a darning needle and measured eight cm (Fig no.
When I've used all my materials, or the rug is large enough, I tack the end of the braid, using a darning needle with heavy-duty thread.
There's a darning needle, of course, a threader, a hemostat (the instrument doctors use to put in sutures), and an Army survival tool-- "You know, the kind that has pliers, a hole punch, a can opener, and a leather punch," Rowe said.
If you are younger than I (come to think of it, you have to be younger than I), you may have lived your entire childhood without hearing a parent tell you that the dragonfly was no less than the dreaded "darning needle."
The book's violence is contained in its title, and even more so in the cover illustration of a Roman darning needle implanted in a human pupil.
With molds such as paper cups, loop one end of the wick over a wire suspended across the top of the mold, then thread the other end through a large darning needle and push the needle through the bottom of the mold at the middle of the cup.
"A small sea snail," he declared, "cooked and then prised out of the shell with a darning needle. My late father-in-law would make a sandwich.
And they've never even been near a darning needle since Howard's mum bought them from Cairds Haberdashers back in the 50s.
Jill's other books are Plants and Ferns Around Huddersfield which was published by Kirklees Council and Spinning Jenny and Devil's Darning Needle which was a book about a dragon flies in culture.
Take a darning needle or bodkin and press the eye on the flesh around the splinter.
When dry, use a hole punch - a cocktail stick or darning needle will do - to make a hole through which to thread your ribbon.
It was always a fact that most of these shops sold practically anything you could want, from a darning needle to the latest electrical gadget of the day.
AS AN amateur detective, I'm deeply intrigued by the extraordinary tale of the darning needle that passed through Derek Thompson's foot, and of the dedication to duty (as well as to the fee involved) that persuaded him to drive across country for a commentating gig at Sedgefield with the offending item still unwithdrawn.
"Niamh" claims her mother stabbed the newborn baby to death with a darning needle after she gave birth to the tot when she as just 11-years-old.
It has also emerged that gardai will not be asking for an exhumation order for the body of the 1973 tot "Noeleen" who Niamh claims was her daughter - allegedly killed by her mother using a darning needle.