darn it!

darn it

An exclamation of frustration. A mild alternative to "damn it." Oh, darn it—I dropped another screw. How did I miss that important phone call? Darn it!
See also: darn

ˈdarn it!

(spoken, especially American English) used as a mild swear word to show that you are angry or annoyed about something, to avoid saying ‘damn’: Darn it! I’ve lost my keys!
See also: darn
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A forever stamp promises to make things easier for people, and that's what we really want from the Postal Service, gosh darn it
Or how 'bout when the leading lady can't even decide who to like because there are two guys who like her, darn it
OK, so the tiara is a little snazzy--but it's a simple tiara, darn it