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To the crime writer's mind, there is something about that juxtaposition that makes it the perfect setting for this darkly murderous tale, The Tears Of Angels.
Hallinan's evaluation was echoed by Mike Ornduff, author of the award-winning Pot Thief series: "With A Darkly Hidden Truth Crow establishes herself as the leading practitioner of modern mystery entwined with historical fiction.
The sudden changes of pace, development and narrative technique are clever and surprising, and make for a darkly inventive gothic tale.
Summary: Ralph Fiennes is the latest Hollywood star to be linked with the new James Bond movie, to play a darkly complex character.
com)-- Just who is The Darkly Agency and how did they land on the map in downtown Phoenix?
Male and female as opposites have so often been the basis of fiction, and Ivan author Demitrius Kafallo brings his own spin to the table in "The Darkly Glamorous Menace".
Wray's second novel (following The Right Hand of Sleep) opens on a desolate Southern plantation in 1863, a wasteland of wartorn, darkly religious individuals who engage in the "Trade," the famed rebel slave business along the Mississippi.
Following on from the 15-certificated A Scanner Darkly (below) and Renaissance comes Free Jimmy, a charming little toon about a gang of junkies and mobsters attempting to rescue a drug-addicted elephant from a circus.
Adapted from the mind-bending novel by Philip K Dick, A Scanner Darkly imagines a haunting vision of the near future, in which the war on terrorism has been supplanted by the war on drug abuse.
Keanu Reeves and Woody Harrelson were transformed during the painstaking post-production process on A Scanner Darkly.
Well, watching A Scanner Darkly, it's not hard to find yourself thinking "Wow.
And in the case of ``A Scanner Darkly,'' it led to one of the most realistic portrayals of wasted days and the hallucinatory/fascist consequences of overindulgence ever printed.
Eastman's darkly powerful voice can be heard in the reverent "Prelude to the Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc.
As usual, the love life of Allen's protagonist (Isaac Davis) is a dysfunctional disaster, and his relationship with a teenager (Mariel Hemingway) seems darkly foreboding of Allen's personal misadventures.
The multicolored but muted drawings feel darkly conspiratorial--depictions of a cabalistic technological force comprising selfish, omnivorous mechanical mutants who metastasize unchecked across a despoiled landscape.