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The second novel in the series, Light and Darkly, is to be published later in 2016 under the Carousel B imprint.
Thus, interpreting "masculinity" in Scanner Darkly is more a matter of understanding the text as interrelated sociocultural links rather than straightforward references.
The sudden changes of pace, development and narrative technique are clever and surprising, and make for a darkly inventive gothic tale.
These questions, articulated more precisely in Hans Zimmermann's concluding essay for Through a Glass Darkly, suggest an implicit, unifying purpose in this collection of essays--to provide lenses for glimpsing beyond the negating dominant perspectives of our purportedly post-Christian age the unique ways the humanities allow us to encounter suffering, the sacred, and the sublime: "These intersecting concepts are used to mediate the gap between the spoken and the unspeakable, between experience and language, between body and spirit, between the immanent and the transcendent, and between the human and the divine" (back cover).
Summary: Ralph Fiennes is the latest Hollywood star to be linked with the new James Bond movie, to play a darkly complex character.
"Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory" is a discussion of these concepts and how they are often applied to literature and what they mean as a reflection upon society.
The tracks which weren't hits - the darkly majestic ballad This House and the elegant Should I Feel That It's Over - prove equally pleasing.
Male and female as opposites have so often been the basis of fiction, and Ivan author Demitrius Kafallo brings his own spin to the table in "The Darkly Glamorous Menace".
Ingmar Bergman, the Swedish film director known for ''Through a Glass Darkly'' and other famous movies and widely considered one of 20th century cinema's giants, died Monday at his home on the islet of Faro, the Ingmar Bergman Foundation said.
The merchants of doom opposed to holiday homes in North Wales often refer darkly to the fate suffered by the Lake District, where so many homes are taken by holiday makers.
I'd love to have a garden simply filled with blossoming trees, but Him Indoors mutters darkly about it not lasting long.
One is that it would create what [Health and Human Services Secretary Michael] Leavitt darkly calls 'government-run health care.' Well Medicare has successfully provided "government-run health care' for many years.
Wray's second novel (following The Right Hand of Sleep) opens on a desolate Southern plantation in 1863, a wasteland of wartorn, darkly religious individuals who engage in the "Trade," the famed rebel slave business along the Mississippi.