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The second novel in the series, Light and Darkly, is to be published later in 2016 under the Carousel B imprint.
The sudden changes of pace, development and narrative technique are clever and surprising, and make for a darkly inventive gothic tale.
Ralph Fiennes is the latest Hollywood star to be linked to the new James Bond movie, with rumours he will play a darkly complex character.
Having shot and edited a live action version of the film on digital video, the writer-director delivered A Scanner Darkly to a 30-strong team of animators, who painstakingly painted over the top of each frame to create the distinctive trippy visuals.
Following on from the 15-certificated A Scanner Darkly (below) and Renaissance comes Free Jimmy, a charming little toon about a gang of junkies and mobsters attempting to rescue a drug-addicted elephant from a circus.
For all its visual invention, A Scanner Darkly is a hallucinogenic triumph of style over (illegal) substance.
Well, watching A Scanner Darkly, it's not hard to find yourself thinking "Wow.
Eastman's darkly powerful voice can be heard in the reverent "Prelude to the Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc.
As usual, the love life of Allen's protagonist (Isaac Davis) is a dysfunctional disaster, and his relationship with a teenager (Mariel Hemingway) seems darkly foreboding of Allen's personal misadventures.
Such is Liu's darkly lapsarian view, which seems at once historically over- and underdetermined.
Others describe the situation more darkly, suggesting that Issing's departure offers an opportunity for the ECB leadership to divide the research duties and thus reduce the influence of the research power center.
Chris Elam's juicy, elastic tumbling looks simultaneously innocent and darkly symbolic.
All Prettied up is a gritty chapbook, written by rising author Elizabeth Blue, that ventures into the darkly bizarre.
FACT'S Darkly Comic exhibition has been a magnet for the curious since opening on December 10.