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Palpus darkish yellow, slightly sickle-shaped, about 0.3 mm (Fig.
What's wrong, from the standpoint of scholarship, with complexities and dark, or just darkish, corners?
A faint darkish area can be seen in the southern section, with a brighter northern side.
Anyhow the future of the mortgage-backed and foreign currency-denominated consumer loans is darkish due to a new regulation on household lending (NBR Regulation no.
For all Dubai's fame as a super-efficient city, I was disappointed when we had to climb down the stairs, get into a bus to be dumped in a congested, darkish room where all the handbags were x-rayed and security checked before we were allowed to proceed to either the arrival area or the transit lounge.
A police source said yesterday: "A witness says the driver had darkish skin and looked nervous.
And it was darkish. But then I saw the spite inside, and how, regardless of all and because of this stubborn spite, he's still able to drag himself forward and even find what he's looking for.
In not writing a more incisively dramatic biography, one which offers a deeply assessive, detailed account of Hopkins' darkish tragic existence--perspectives that would have made clearer how astonishingly remarkable his life was, how incredible was his poetic genius to have survived such unhappiness--Mariani missed the opportunity to explore Hopkins' extraordinary, enigmatic life.
At 50x you should see that Jupiter has two broad, darkish stripes: the Equatorial Belts.
The 30 mm SL juvenile has a broad basicaudal bar, an ocellus, completely dark anal and first dorsal fins, darkish body, a pale caudal peduncle and the head is uniform except for a narrow cheek mark, all characters unlike any Apogonichthyoides miniatus of similar size.
The brow bone should be a darkish flesh tone with variations, creating a very visible eyelid, A wash of color can be used above the brow bone for a bit of fantasy.
With the recent spikes in costs of raw materials and transporting these goods from various parts of the world, it's become difficult for manufacturers to come up with prices that will give them a black (or at least darkish) bottom line, while at the same time making these products affordable to consumers.
Jill Moynan's darkish, characterful Ruth and Joanne Matthews' Girl with the Pearl Ring are among several other good portraits in the exhibition, and Carol Wood's Figure Study (acrylic) also merits a mention.
Nilgiri tea is generally darkish, aromatic and flavourful.