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Thorax darkish brown with grey microtomentum, except mesonotum glossy darkish brown with sparse black microtomentum; scutellum darkish brown with gray microtomentum.
I am plugging away at The Maias, that vast machine of al fresco painting in annoyingly monumental proportions, done with darkish colors, overblown and frivolous, all of which may well earn me the name of the Michelangelo of the insipid.
Pictures are nearly always displayed straightforwardly on simple, calm wall planes, either pale or darkish blue.
A darkish woman pulled out her hair and carved lines down her cheeks with her fingernails.
It was late afternoon of a hot day in September and I was eighteen years old, tall enough for my age, but skinny, with blue eyes and darkish hair, and my name was Jim Hastings.
Lumpy raw garnets, which have a darkish red rock crust, bear little resemblance to polished gems.
We would listen for breaks in that sound, a short but sustained grinding note repeated again and again, and follow it to the small darkish lumps on tree branches silhouetted against the clear skies of Chungking.
Palpus darkish yellow, brownish towards tip and apically with strong setae (Fig.
nigricans (Mexican-Caribbean and Belize) have darkish eyes, body and fins blackish to intense dark, darkly pigmented pectoral fins (i.
South Linden has been fishing well again this past week with anglers using a short trace and a darkish buzzer or lure on a bite indicator near the top doing best.
Mesonotum blackish, except for dark red-brown postpronotal lobes, short black setose (except for few white setae posterolaterally), strongly silver pruinose (except for pair of darkish longitudinal fasciae which appear more weakly pruinose, depending on angle of view); major macrosetae black, 2-3 postpronotals, 2 notopleurals, 1 supra-alar, 2 postalars, acrostichals undifferentiated, 3-5 pairs of dorsocentrals mostly posterior of transverse suture.
Electra Heart, the darkish new project by the lovely Marina and the Diamonds.
In two of the grandest works in the exhibition--Birth of Romanticism Drawings: Monumental Ouatrefoil Diffraction (Quartet for Carrie Lynn and Joseph Haydn), 2010, and Birth of Romanticism Drawings: Quatrefoil Gradient Involution (Quartet for Carrie Lynn and Beethoven), 2009, both suites of four altarpiece-like panels--these themes are evoked by suggestive pure white light and flashes of primary color, which enliven the often darkish ground.
A much smaller room, kind of darkish, sort of comfortable, almost laid back kind of place where astronauts would stroll into the back of the room and chat with some of the controllers or with each other and find out how the mission was doing.
Dark-haired girls will look regal in darkish purple and it mixes well with most other colours.