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Legs slender; coxae and femora darkish brown, tibiae yellow except hind tibia darkish brown at middle, tarsi yellowish.
A police source said yesterday: "A witness says the driver had darkish skin and looked nervous.
Mesonotum blackish, except for dark red-brown postpronotal lobes, short black setose (except for few white setae posterolaterally), strongly silver pruinose (except for pair of darkish longitudinal fasciae which appear more weakly pruinose, depending on angle of view); major macrosetae black, 2-3 postpronotals, 2 notopleurals, 1 supra-alar, 2 postalars, acrostichals undifferentiated, 3-5 pairs of dorsocentrals mostly posterior of transverse suture.
The small recessed openings in the sidewalls let in beams of sunlight that makes the otherwise darkish nave feel a little mystical.
Toochin is an experienced observer and has studied Marbled Murrelets; (4) 1 HY bird in first-basic plumage (with a distinct darkish neck band) observed in flight about 75 to 100 m off Botanical Beach by R Toochin and L Haviland on 24 August 2008 (Toochin and Fenneman 2008; Toochin 2010, pers.
In not writing a more incisively dramatic biography, one which offers a deeply assessive, detailed account of Hopkins' darkish tragic existence--perspectives that would have made clearer how astonishingly remarkable his life was, how incredible was his poetic genius to have survived such unhappiness--Mariani missed the opportunity to explore Hopkins' extraordinary, enigmatic life.
It has a peculiar ghostly colourlessness amid the darkish colourlessness of the wood" ("FT" 235).
At 50x you should see that Jupiter has two broad, darkish stripes: the Equatorial Belts.
The 30 mm SL juvenile has a broad basicaudal bar, an ocellus, completely dark anal and first dorsal fins, darkish body, a pale caudal peduncle and the head is uniform except for a narrow cheek mark, all characters unlike any Apogonichthyoides miniatus of similar size.
The brow bone should be a darkish flesh tone with variations, creating a very visible eyelid, A wash of color can be used above the brow bone for a bit of fantasy.
Jill Moynan's darkish, characterful Ruth and Joanne Matthews' Girl with the Pearl Ring are among several other good portraits in the exhibition, and Carol Wood's Figure Study (acrylic) also merits a mention.
Nilgiri tea is generally darkish, aromatic and flavourful.
The highlight is Black Lake, an expanse of opaque bluish water that nestles at the bottom of a wide valley, surrounded by slopes smothered with golden flowers and, higher up, a girdle of darkish summits patched with ribbons of snow.
To begin with, Humbert himself is twice mistaken, on account of his name being misspelled as Humberg and then for his darkish Mediterranean looks, for what Leopold Bloom now distressfully, now defiantly, claims himself to be--a Jew.
The darkish undeformed, irregular shaped part (1j, iii) of the inclusion has been analysed to contain a ternary phase, made up of [Al.