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OUT OF THIS WORLD Star trails over Kielder in England's darkest night sky.
Sequels are The Ninth Key (in which Suze battles what appears to be a vampire and gets to the root of shady real estate dealings that led to murder), Reunion (in which Suze almost dies trying to solve the mystery of who ran four teens off of a coastal highway), Darkest Hour, Haunted and Twilight.
A microbe discovered in the deepest, darkest reaches of the Pacific Ocean makes its living in an unlikely way--by photo-synthesis.
Her recent show "Skymning" (Twilight) took place during the darkest time of the northern year, but no artificial lighting was used in the galleries.
The greatest hopes and darkest nightmares of a sports franchise were visited upon the Lakers this summer in a 24-hour span that will define the entire season.
At the core of the ballet is Dorian's struggle with his darkest secret, realized through mano a mano duets between two male dancers, one depicting the ageless Dorian and the other representing the shadowy figure who emerges from the picture to engage in murder and deceit.
Search for me not in the realm of shallow emotion, Or in the darkest recesses of the deepest ocean.
We gather here today to say thank you again to all those who rushed to our aid in America's darkest hour and to all those who have stood firmly by our side ever since.
In a perfect world, Darkest Hour would be kicking the ass of every other metal band out there, selling millions of records and living it up.
At my darkest I think I am sparing her, because she is too lovely to disillusion with the irredeemable sadness of my air-tight conclusions.
Isaacs's Deaths and Other Exits was a black comedy about the darkest of all human conditions.
CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- Phantom EFX, a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment titles for PC and Mac, today announced Darkest of Days, a story-rich, first-person shooter and the company's first foray into the hardcore PC game arena.
In his new book, Staying Power, published today, the 16-times world champion admits the combination of poor form and a dying marriage made him shine a torch into the darkest corners of his soul.
His smile could light up the darkest room and his attitude to life shone out of him like a light.
April 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Darkest of Days is a historically-based first-person shooter (FPS) where gamers will travel back and forth in time to experience some of history's "darkest days" and fight through some of the most epic battles in history.