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Nobody ought to know it IS me standing by the river; it ought to be `Rebecca,' or `the darker maiden;' and `the rush to Emma Jane' is simply dreadful.
It is not true that people with darker skin tones are immune to skin cancer.
'We recognize that these companies present an option to lighten one's skin, but they may do so without perpetuating colorism, particularly discriminating against those with darker skin,' De Guia said in a statement.
star Sandra Oh has promised fans that she and Liverpool actress Jodie Comer will return in a "darker" drama when the acclaimed show returns for a second season.
Over a third (35%) more claims for forced burglary were received by Lloyds Bank Home Insurance during the 'darker months' of 2017/2018 versus the 'lighter months' of 2018.
Fortunately, new research has shown that these risks are often minimal, even for people with darker skin.
These small areas of extra pigmentation on the skin get darker when they are exposed to sunlight during the summer, and then they tend to fade during the winter.
Summary: The tools are able to reduce the error rates for men and women with darker skin by up to 20 times
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 17 (ANI): Results from a new study indicate that, when performed appropriately, chemical peels can be a safe treatment option for people with darker skin.
Darker colours There has recently been a move towards darker colours, especially greys, blues and even black.
NEW YORK (AFP) - Legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen won his first Grammy posthumously on Sunday for "You Want It Darker," the meditative title song off his final album that presaged his death.
From the Darker Seasons is an new age album by award-winning music artist Jeff Pearce, featuring his signature ambient guitar stylings.
James' "Fifty Shades" franchise will continue with a fifth book, titled "50 Shades Darker as Told by Christian."
But while Kim's fans could barely contain their excitement, others pointed out her skin looks darker than usual in the photo, and accused her of darkening it on purpose.