dark side of

the dark side of (someone or something)

The negative or troubled part of someone or something that is usually concealed. My mom is always sweet to my friends, but I've seen her dark side enough to know mean she can be. Shady deals like this are the dark side of the music industry, unfortunately.
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dark side of someone or something

Fig. the negative and often hidden aspect of someone or something. I had never seen the dark side of Mary before, and I have to tell you that I was horrified when she lost her temper.
See also: dark, of, side
References in classic literature ?
As for the dark side of the prospect, I need not enlarge on it.
The sun hides not the ocean, which is the dark side of this earth, and which is two thirds of this earth.
Aye, harpooneer, thy race is the undeniable dark side of mankind --devilish dark at that.
I was on the dark side of the road, in the thick shadow of some garden trees, when I stopped to look round.
It was on the dark side of twilight when we got to Bistritz, which is a very interesting old place.
That being now deprived of all the fancied felicity which he enjoyed in the full exercise of worldly pleasures, he said he was at leisure to look upon the dark side of them, where he found all manner of deformity; and was now convinced that virtue only makes a man truly wise, rich, and great, and preserves him in the way to a superior happiness in a future state; and in this, he said, they were more happy in their banishment than all their enemies were, who had the full possession of all the wealth and power they had left behind them.
That minute did more for Polly than many sermons, or the wisest books, for it brought her face to face with bitter truths, showed her the dark side of life, and seemed to blow away her little vanities, her frivolous desires, like a wintry wind, that left a wholesome atmosphere behind.
In tracing out affairs for which John's fictitious death was to be considered in any way responsible, they used a very broad and free construction; regarding, for instance, the dolls' dressmaker as having a claim on their protection, because of her association with Mrs Eugene Wrayburn, and because of Mrs Eugene's old association, in her turn, with the dark side of the story.
There were traces of privation and suffering--almost of despair --in his lank and care-worn countenance; he felt his poverty, for he shrank to the dark side of the staircase as Mr.
But what he discovers is a rather dark side of modern British masculinity, from dealing with homophobia to dishing out anti-feminism and steroidfuelled vanity.
Through powerful stories of deliverance from the misery of years of spiritual oppression Brynne Larson offers hope and healing for victims caught up in experimentation in the unseen world of the paranormal, Her book "The Dark Side of the Supernatural" reveals the evil strongholds present in pop culture, and warns of the dangers of the occult, supernatural curses, witchcraft, and spell casting.
The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon blends history with political process as it analyzes the growth of radical Islam throughout the world and traces its spread through Europe, which brought the U.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hogan Assessments has launched a newly enhanced version of its flagship assessment, the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), the only personality assessment that identifies the dark side of personality.
The Dark Side of Nursing combines an in-depth academic study of bullying--the "dirty secret of nursing"--with a powerful personal story.
Critique: "The Dark Side of Key West" is debut novel and clearly establishes Randymary de Rosier as an accomplished and talented author able to craft memorable characters and embed them into a deftly woven story that attracts and holds the reader's attention from beginning to end.