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do a dare

To do something risky or courageous at someone else's urging, as during children's games like Truth or Dare. A: "Ugh, I don't want to do a dare either." B: "Betsy, it's Truth or Dare—you have to do one or the other."
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don't you dare

An emphatic way to tell someone not to do something. Don't you dare say something vulgar like that to your mother! Don't you dare touch that autographed baseball—it's worth a lot of money!
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how dare (someone)

Used to express shock, disdain, or anger that someone could do something so presumptuous, brazen, or rude. Can be said as a question or an exclamation. How dare you speak to your mother that way? Apologize right now! How dare they accuse our company of tax fraud, after the amount of jobs and revenue we've brought into the economy!
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how dare you

What you have done is unacceptable. The phrase is sometimes followed by the action in question. How dare you speak to your mother that way? Apologize right now. You think you can brazenly cheat and get away with it? How dare you?
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I dare be bound

obsolete I am or feel totally certain (of something). Faith, I dare be bound that Master Wilkins will yet prove himself a worthy successor to the family title. A: "What say you, Thomas? Do you think Mr. Wilson was involved." B: "Oh, I dare be bound for that, sir. I saw him with my own two eyes."
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I dare say

I assume, assert, or am quite certain. (Somewhat formal or old-fashioned.) I dare say we'll hear from him again before the year is done. These trips are always rather tedious, but I dare say we'll be able to find something to divert our attention.
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You wouldn't dare!

An exclamation of defiant, incredulous disbelief regarding something that someone has threatened to do. A: "I'll give you till the end of the week to move out. After that, we're going to start throwing your stuff on the curb." B: "You wouldn't dare! You touch anything I own, and I'll sue the pants off you!" A: "Either withdraw from the election, or I'll share these incriminating photos with the press—and your wife!" B: "You slime bag—you wouldn't dare!" A: "Oh, believe me, I would."
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dare someone (to do something)

to challenge someone to do something. Sally dared Jane to race her to the corner. You wouldn't do that, would you? I dare you.

You wouldn't dare (to do something)!

an exclamation that shows disbelief about something that the speaker has stated an intention of doing. Bill: I'm going to leave school. Tom: You wouldn't dare leave! Bill: Be quiet or I'll slap you. Jane: You wouldn't dare to slap me!
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I dare say

1. I venture to assert or affirm, as in I dare say my point of view will be heard. [c. 1300]
2. Also, I daresay. I presume or assume to be likely, as in I daresay you'll be invited. This usage is more common in Britain than in America. [Mid-1700s]
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don’t you ˈdare (do something)!

(spoken) used to tell somebody strongly not to do something: ‘I’ll tell her about it.’ ‘Don’t you dare!’Don’t you dare say anything to anybody.

how ˈdare you, etc.

(spoken) used for expressing anger or shock about something that somebody has done: How dare you speak to me like that!How dare he use my office without permission?
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I dare ˈsay

(spoken) I suppose; it seems probable: I dare say what you say is true, but it’s too late to change our plans now.
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I dare to believe that the political leaders and government officers will act as servants of the public in letter and spirit to ensure prompt service without any discrimination.
The DARE has been an anti-harmful drug program of the local chief executive since he assumed office in 2013.
In a study on dare in OE, Tomaszewska (2014: 68f) writes that while the verb usually took the infinitive without to, to-infinitives are occasionally found.
A statement by Mr Dare made on August 6 and read to the court said: "I would like to say to the driver I have no particular feelings towards him.
Official sponsors of DARE 2017 will also present case studies roundtable-style.
(3) He turned away from the place of his--shall we dare say his Waterloo?--to go to the door.
The 'Double Dare Box' comes with a 2.25ltr Pepsi bottle making it a meal for the entire family.
Another test of spotty manhood was 'beaning' where the person whose integrity was on the line would be challenged to basically head-butt any inanimate object that the dare issuer chose.
Dare, believed to be 22, writes under the Twitter name Muhajirah fi Sham, which means "immigrant in Syria." Muhajirah fi Sham has been identified by the Daily Mirror as Khadija Dare from Lewisham, South East London.
THERE'S a denim skirt to suit all figures and budgets Double up if you dare and pair with a denim shirt and Left, ripped denim skirt, by Current Elliott, was PS240 now PSnet-a-porter.com.
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Truth Or Dare was Hannon's second string in the Feilden Stakes on his return earlier this month, but he emerged the better of the handler's two contenders in nishing third behind the well-regarded pair of True Story and Obliterator.
Virginia Dare, a New York-based flavor company, announced that - in conjunction with SOARARY, a family-owned and -operated vanilla exporter based in Madagascar's vanilla-growing region - it created a dual strategy to improve the sustainability of Madagascar's vanilla market.
6 RUPERT Grint could've had a criminal record after a dare at a Harry Potter launch party went wrong.
Dare Me's premise is compelling; however, some of the dares are odd (one time the Daredevils dress like turkeys so hunters will shoot at them), O.